CH2 My Eco City


My Utopian Eco City - Chapter Two Summary of the Concept

 The Rationale

These Eco Solutions will Save Billions, revive the economy, eliminate unemployment and reforms democracy in a new Eco socio-economic system that is fairer for the poorest of the societies.

"Whenever there is a will, there is a way - let's try it the Eco way"

The primary purpose of the Eco solutions is to build a self-sufficient, sustainable Eco City with surrounding businesses and industries that employ the younger generation, lone parents, and able pensioners. This boost in employment can save billions on social welfare systems whilst generate valuable tax revenue that bridges the gap between the country's revenue and its public spending, increasing our positive GDP growth.     

 Initially, a forward-thinking local authority can initiate a sample project as a proof of concept using available public land for thousands of citizens, who are on the housing waiting list, and interested to participate in volunteering efforts to build the Eco City model. Once the pilot is successfully established, a large Eco city of 1 million houses can be built, or if it is too big, then it can be split into four Eco Cities in four major counties complementary to each other as one logical design. Volunteers from all walks of life would help to build the Eco cities, and especially the unemployed who will eventually own a stake in the Eco City or move to it. 

 The objective of this model is to save 70% of public spending on the unemployed and to create a great potential to save 100% on housing and social protection, in addition to generating tax revenue from employment and successful new Eco industries. This proposed model may look simple, but behind it, is a complex design on how an Eco society can live better and spend less in a new socio-economic system.

 Currently, the social benefits for a couple with two children are around £300 a week for housing, with an additional £300 a week for living costs and other benefits. The total cost is about £2600 a month in London area and may be more. Recently, the benefits capped to £2000in London area, but this is still four times more than it would be in the Eco City. Meanwhile, there are 5 million claimants for housing benefits, including pensioners and the cost of the welfare bill is rising to 150 billion, which will eventually bankrupt the country if no tax revenue compensates or an efficient socio-economic system created for the unemployed to spend less, live better and try to become an income generator instead of taxpayer consumer.

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