C1 Eco-city

 https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/166825/sponsors/4bjo7QWqs2xnKzsaoKzF Click the link to sign this petition for 
building an Eco-city for the unemployed, retired, and those who can't afford to buy a home. It costs £250/month interest 
paid by the Government to save billions on benefits and give 2 million home to the poorest of the society.

My Eco-city - The concept

"Sacrifice one for the sake of many, but many would die for the chosen one to save us all, but be aware of the false prophets and leaders."

The Eco-city is what people should ask their MP's to do for them, otherwise they get richer and you get poorer.

Every couple older than 16 should own an Eco-home for less than £250/month’s interest. The government is responsible for paying the interest on an Eco-home and the cost of living. Also, employ locals to repay their mortgages and afford the cost of living a decent life-style.

The elite few in the world have enough wealth to eliminate poverty. They can make the poor rich and the rich even richer if all systems are more efficient than the Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Germans. In other words, the poor can be richer from the waste of the rich and inefficient socioeconomic systems. The social welfare system should be tailored to look after the poor from cradle to the grave.

Anyone can build a 3 bed-roomed prefab Eco-home in 7 days with 7 friends for a cost of £ 100k at 3% interest maximum and pay £250/month. If you are unemployed, older than 16, retired, in education or have bad credit scoring, then the housing benefits should pay until the government find you a job to be able to repay the mortgage on the borrowed money for the house.

In the Eco-city, we find you a job to repay the mortgage and have equity, provided that you work any available job till we find you better.

The Eco-City Abstract

The abstract is written for those who do not have the time to read the details of the following chapters.

The objective is to create one million Eco-Homes in a self-sufficient, sustainable Eco-city with surrounding Eco-industries to employ the locals and pay the mortgages on their Eco-homes.

The Eco-home costs £100k and the interest is maximum £250/month for a couple which is much less than the housing benefits for the unemployed and retired. Obviously, when people work, can afford the repayment.

The government can donate or lease a land for the Eco-city and surrounding Eco-industries in addition to guaranteeing the mortgage loans’ interests for the unemployed. Therefore, financing the Eco-city is not a problem if it is open to any investor at a guaranteed interest of 3% maximum.

The residents will live within their means in an Eco-lifestyle and has to work any job in the Eco-city to pay the interest or repay the mortgage. And will have the lowest outgoings possible to accept lower hourly rates, become competitive and get a job.

The Eco-industries and businesses will be encouraged to move to the Eco-city to benefit from low overhead by employing cheaper workers, having free electricity, land ring-fenced net profits of 5% on investment. They will be very competitive selling to the Eco-city its needs and export the excess at globally competitive prices.

Each Eco-home will have an edible garden to grow their own food so that nobody starves in any circumstances. Each Eco-home will produce electricity more than it consumes and is equipped with internet facility to learn and work from home with access to the rest of the world.

The Eco-councillors must be subject matter experts in their departments and not politicians to share governance with committees from businesses and public representatives to cooperate and ensure the Eco-city’s sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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  1. This book is spot on. It is what we need to advance our civilisation

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