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Jun 252017
 Ecolism Volume 1 UK Edition Written by: Henri Maalouf
 Book 1: My Utopian Eco-Socio-Economic System, Book 2: My Utopian Eco-City
  • Do you want to live in an ethical eco-socio-economic system unaffected by global economic turmoil and free from terrorism?
  • Do you want to build eco-cities to end poverty, save billions on public spending and reduce CO2, N2O and other pollutants to 0%?
  • Would you like to live self-sufficient in a sustainable ethical society and own an eco-home that becomes your space for survival?
  • Do you want to live in an eco-city protected from unwelcome visitors and has its own Magna carta? If yes read Ecolism volumes to learn what to ask your leaders to do.

Ecolism Volume 1 is one of four small volumes proposing eco-solutions. It aims to solve most problems in most social and economic systems. Henri E. Maalouf creates a framework of a social and economic system to complement a utopian Eco-city. H.E. Maalouf suggests that it must be a compulsory human right for each couple older than sixteen to own an eco-home and the government pay the interest on their mortgage until the social welfare system find them a job to repay the loan.

“An Englishman’s home is his castle,” and H.E. Maalouf says:
My eco-home is my space for survival.

Why do I need a mansion when I can only sleep on one bed?

Every couple older than 16 should have the right to own an eco-home that costs £100k and pay less than £250/month interest. The government should guarantee the mortgage, and it is her duty to educate, train, and employ people to be able to repay it back.

Henri Maalouf is an I.T Solutions Architect, and has worked as a contractor for banks, governments, and global companies, designing and implementing the latest technologies on a global scale.

However, following the recession in 2008, Henri started thinking of a new eco-socio-economic system for the destitute to live an economic self-sufficient eco-lifestyle unaffected by national or global economies. Continue reading »

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