About the Author

About the Author

I have lived in many countries where I interacted with various cultures, finally settled in England in 1988 and studied a course in Advanced Microprocessor Technology to top up my Electronics engineering. Then I had to top up my vocational education with Vendors’ IT qualifications, in MCSE, CCEA and about 15 MCP’s to get a relevant education that is compatible with market requirements.

I worked as an Information Technology Solutions Architect designing and implementing the latest technologies for banks, government and global organisations. However, it seems genetic in my family to have the ability to write about history, poetry and philosophy. I combined my skills to design an Eco-socio-economic system and the new political philosophy of Ecolism.

I was happily working in IT, earning good money and was not interested in writing books or politics or knowing what democracy or capitalism actually meant. But when the recession in 2008 hit the UK and most countries in the world, I had the awakening call. And I thought there is a better way to live, in a self-sufficient, sustainable environment providing the essentials for survival without being influenced by global economic turmoil.

Therefore, I have written this book hoping that one-day people will understand that there is a better way to live in a more secure and sustainable human economic system.

My vision is to eliminate both poverty and unemployment, create a better socio-economic system and Eco-lifestyle to preserve greener planet, create more ethical and moral civilised humanity and save it from the inevitable accelerated self-destruction.