The more social you are, the more civilized you become. Henri Maalouf There are many parts or chapters in each Ecolism book that people could read or skip, depending on their interests. However, it is preferable that they understand all the Ecolism books and all chapters to gain an awareness of the alternatives to the standard ways of living. The concept is designed like a puzzle with many pieces; if one is missing, the picture is not complete. I have researched some topics in more depth than others, for two reasons. The first is my lack of specialty in each…

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Ecolism Philosophy

Ecolism Philosophy Religions have merged gods into one, Ecolism unites the religions into one. Henri Maalouf Ecolism is my creation of a new, ethical socio-economic system that balances power among the poor, the rich and rulers. It is not designed for an Eco-city only but can be implemented anywhere else in the world with some variations to suit each culture. Ecolism is the balance of the extremes between conflicting ideologies and socio-economic systems, such as communism and capitalism, in addition to extracting the best of all other ideological socio-economic systems or isms. Note: By ‘isms’, we mean capitalism, communism, socialism,…

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Ecolism 1

Utopian Eco-Socio-Economic Systems Summary If we cannot make our socio-economic system fair for everyone, why don’t we create a new, fairer one? Henri Maalouf In this abstract, I outline the main benefits of the Eco-socio- economic system for people living an Eco-lifestyle in Eco-cities. The aim of this concept is to eliminate poverty and encourage governments to invest in people for a better return on investment. Each family owning an Eco-home and a decent living standard from the cradle to the grave must become compulsory human rights. Imagine living in an Eco-home where you can farm the small area of…

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