Climate Change

Destroying our environment destroys us. Henri Maalouf You do not have to be a scientist to observe the effects of climate change. Just watch the number and intensity of heat waves across the world increasing year by year. Watch the oceans rising and taking more of the lands. Look at the glaciers melting faster than they should. Gaze at the droughts drying up the rivers and green lands. I used to stare at the sun and enjoy getting a suntan for hours at the beach 50 years ago; now I feel like cancer starts to eat my skin after few…

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Eco-Electricity from Geothermal Energy The core of the earth can generate electricity for the whole planet and the magma of the earth’s core produces more energy than all the nuclear power plants on the entire planet. The magma continually produces heat from the natural decay of radioactive materials such as uranium and potassium. This heat naturally flows to the surface by conduction at a rate of 44.2 Tera watts (TW) / hour and is restocked by radioactive decay at a rate of 30TW/hour, which is more than double the world’s entire energy consumption. As of 2015, the global geothermal-power capacity…

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Agri Domes

UK’s Eden Domes’ Agriculture Project grows any food in any season at a controlled temperature. The Eco-concept is to live in a cleaner environment, eat healthier and naturally grown organic food. Therefore, in the Eco-city, harmful chemicals are not allowed because of their adverse effects on human health, even if the effects are mild and people do not feel their immediate effect. The herbalist’s approach to treatment for ailments is using a herbal medicine that slowly cures not only the targeted organ but also all the surrounding ones. On the contrary, synthetic medicine cures a targeted area quickly, but may…

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Lagoons Power

Swansea’s UK Tidal Lagoon generates 320MW/h We should take advantage of the sea that surrounds countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan and many other countries. It is about time we stopped using nuclear power plants and fossil fuels and instead use the sea’s tidal waves as the most significant power station on the planet. The combined energy production in the UK from gas, steam, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar and others is about 396GW per annum. In the USA, it is about 4.5TW and China has the largest production at 5.5TW, while the global potential to generate electricity…

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Solar Satellite

1 Solar Power Satellite space station, can light up 1 million homes at a $1 billion cost Clouds can be a problem for solar energy, reducing the sunlight and the night hides the sunlight away, but what if we placed a terrestrial solar-energy satellite equivalent to the size of the International Space Station (ISS) above the clouds or built solar stations on the moon? Then we can produce electricity from renewable sources 24 hours a day, which is freed from changing weather conditions and we can abolish the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants for good. The US Naval…

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Energy Comparison

The renewable energy is getting cheaper than nuclear and fossil-fuel. See the cost comparison of electricity sources in KW/h The cost of energy varies among countries depending on which technology they use and from which power source it comes. It also ranges from one year to another as the technological advances progress. In China and Korea, it is a third of the cost of energy in the UK and the EU and in the USA, it is 25% cheaper than in the EU. Although oil and gas may compete with all other energy sources, it is very detrimental to the…

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