March 24, 2020 at 07:40

Does Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day and Zinc Sulfate 220mg / day for the 1st 5 days prevent the spread or the explosion of COVID-19? If so, why politicians and the pharmaceuticals are against it?

Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days, Zinc sulfate 220mg (or the equivalent of 50mg elemental zinc) once a day for 5 days.

Is money more important than human lives?

In a world of lies, fake news, cover-ups and misleading information, I do not believe most of what I hear and sometimes most of what I see.

Henri Maalouf

I saw in a dream 4 scientists dressed in red protective coveralls suits that include red horns looked like devilish scientists working on the virus 🙂 

Allegedly, the source of the virus is bats or pangolin. Should we kill them all or experiment on them on a small island internationally controlled and isolated?

All that it takes is a dedicated bright scientist and a lab to destroy humankind, but the USA is spending $750bn / year on weapons of mass destruction! Is it really money well spent and what for? Armies should help people not kill them.

The story we heard, is that the Chinese killed the doctor who warned them about the CORONAVIRUS! mm Was it the doctor who warned them or the scientist who accidentally released the COVID-19 virus?

Allegedly, coronavirus started in Wuhan laboratory in China. The lab is near a big wet food market, university and hospital. The scientists were experimenting on 600 bats, knowingly that they harbor viruses like corona. Somehow bats went crazy, escaped from their cages, attacked and “peed on” the scientists and one of them bit a scientist infected him with the coronavirus. And from there, the coronavirus spread across the world killing and infecting hundreds of thousands of people who are not immune to viruses like the Bats and Pangolins.

Another story is that the Chinese hunt PANGOLIN, (scaly anteaters mammals) which also harbour viruses but immune to them and eat it. The story says that the Chinese slaughter the animal without draining its blood, so its infected blood passed from one food to another and polluted all the surfaces in the food wet market and spread from there. But, the Chinese always done that, Why now? And what would you believe?

So, hold on a minute, something in the story does not add up and you can ask million conspiracy theory questions.

How did the bats escape, went crazy and attacked the scientists?
Why the lab is located near Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, next to a hospital and university researching Bat viruses?
Is it an upgrade version of the SARS virus and the same research is still going on?

A communist dictatorship country like China, have full control over its people. Did China lose its grip on this little laboratory?
Was the coronavirus a leak; negligence, accident or deliberate virus warfare experiment?
Was it done by Chinese or sabotaged by North Korea or the USA or Russia or an attention seeker vindictive scientist planned to destroy the filth in our civilization?
Is it God teaching the filthy greedy civilizations to stop worshipping money and worship God’s teachings for ethics?

Hold on, the Aliens are coming…
Could it be invisible aliens experimenting on humans to assess how quickly can they conquer the earth without losing one soldier?
Could it be a beneficiary syndicate with presence in rich countries conspired to spread it, collapse financial markets and benefit from it somehow? It is like the movies…

How did the disease methodically spread from a region in China to a Korean cult, Thailand, cruise ships and one country after the other? Is it group of programmed birds or super spreaders people travelling from one continent to the other?

Why the coronavirus affected richer countries more than the others, especially Europe, the UK, then New York, California, and most of the states and even the poor Latino countries?
Was the virus carried by a group of superspreaders people who had the antidote, traveled to many countries and cities to infect them?

Is it a pure accident influenced by nature for climate change retaliation to stop travelling by airplanes and vehicles polluting the environment and increasing the CO2 or global warming?

But, do not blame Greta Thunberg or XR rebellions 🙂

Oh by the way, The xx% of cases, death and recovery, varies extremely from one country to another. Are countries telling the truth?  I cannot make a head or tail of the reports and cover-ups! Is it random or by an Alien’s design?

Who benefits the most from collapsing economies? The 1st thought came to Dr. Trump 🙂  is to bailout corporates! mmm another 2008 bailout for the banks or rich!

It makes you wonder, what is the truth? The economy’s crashed in 2008 forced governments to bail out the banks, the poor suffered, the rich got richer, is it happening again and the poor will get poorer.

The coronavirus 2020 forced the USA to spend $2.2 trillion and other governments billions to bail out companies, hospitals and help people. The poor will  suffer again and the rich will eventually flourish.

The USA started to learn from the previous bank bail out and decided to give people printed money directly, treat anybody ill, free at any hospital whether the person got health insurance or not. But, will American politicians learn that Free Democracy and Capitalism do not help the poor and they must create a social welfare system for the poor as the Europeans has done a long time ago?


Will the world learn from my concept of building Eco-cities and Eco-social-economic system that makes the poor rich and the rich richer. Otherwise, everyone will be poorer.

Each Eco-city can shut its gates, isolate itself and because it is self-sufficient everyone will continue to live and maintain the status quo, without suffering the consequences of a virus warfare or economic one.

Each family’s Eco-home has edible garden, solar panels and wind turbine, Internet and can self-isolate,  survive eating and working from their Eco-home as described in Ecolism books.

There is No point in building cities like New York that can be easily destroyed by spreading viruses or one Nuclear explosion.

Read Ecolism series to understand and make politicians understand that it will be the only way to isolate and protect millions of people. Globalization will not work as long as humans are not civilized enough.

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