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Published Date: May 11, 2018

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Abstarct of Eco-Human Rights and Eco-lifestyle

The Eco-human rights laws, Eco-principles and Eco-lifestyle are an endeavour to enhance the human race wellbeing, disciplines and interactions. The Eco-principles and Eco-lifestyle are complemented with Eco-socio-economic system, Eco-cities, and Eco-homes to complete the environment of the human ecosystem. The details are proposed in my Ecolism books.


If governments do not provide Eco-homes, Eco-cities and create better Eco-socio-economic systems, the status quo of slower progress of the human race as a whole remains the same and slow. However, if governments create a better environment for the human ecosystem, humanity will evolve and progress faster to become more scientifically and morally advanced.


It always has been in human history, that some nations progress faster than others. The problem is; the more progressive nations invade the weaker ones, confiscate their resources, impoverish them and limit their progress. However, there are some exceptions. When the British created their empire, created laws and systems in their colonies, educated them the English language which became like the American dollar a universal exchange currency. The French did something similar, so did the Russians and the Spanish spread their language in Latin America. They did not rule their colonies forever, for a simple reason, they did not grant them their freedom, the national identity and sovereignty.


The Islamic conquest ruled many countries and forced them to learn the Islamic laws, which are no longer compatible with 21st century’s advanced civilisation. Nevertheless, 1.6bn on this planet are still Muslims. The Romans built roads and ruins for their empire’s advantage but lost it all. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the USA interfered in many countries affairs and invaded some. They have not created better laws, education and social structure for the countries they invaded. They interfered in country’s elections and either toppled governments or supported a leader who serves their interest. Ironically, they blamed the Russians for interfering in their presidential election, forgetting that they tried to do the same in Russia and they successfully did with the help of the EU interfering in the old USSR occupied countries.


The French leader Napoleon invaded other countries to create a French empire, but eventually lost. After the German leaders started world war I and lost to the British, French and Americans, the German Leader, Hitler, decided to launch world war II to invade the world and destroy every nation on the planet, the German lost again to the British, Americans and Russians. The war was destructive caused the death of millions. As a result of such destruction and wars, France and Germany started the European Union’s (EU) project and created European treaties.


The EU was successful in creating peace between member states, creating laws and systems. Regardless of such success, the German and French dominance is very apparent. Every law legislated in the EU benefits the German and the French the most. It does not equally benefit other member states. On the surface, European leaders think they have a voice and are equal, but in reality, the German and French influence them all the others and every EU law is tailored to benefit the influencers more. As a simple example, Germany exports to members states more than it imports from any of them and there is no balanced welfare, free education and industrial system among all the member states.


The European court of justice has the final say on anything. The EU commissioner influences the ECJ. The Germans and French appoint the EU commissioner behind closed doors and the rest of the European countries are rubber stampers for the German and French wills. Even human rights became European convention overridden by the ECJ. Most British people woke up and understood the German / French secretive dominance agendas and decided to leave the EU in a referendum called Brexit. Similarly, there are rising popularities for other Europeans who understand the plot. In the past, it was physical wars, in the 21st century, it is economic and political invasion for other countries to suck their resources and slow their progress.


The reason why I am mentioning all the above as a background for what I am proposing in Ecolism, to create universal Eco-socio-economic systems guided by universal human rights and not only European convention that is already failing and will fail further as all the invading empires failed throughout history



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