I dedicate this book to the billions who are unemployed, deprived, elderly and disabled. I hope people have the power to select politicians and governors who build for them Eco-cities, better Eco-socio-economic system and Eco-lifestyle for a more ethically advanced civilisation

The EU, UK and the US socio-economic systems are based on the so “called capitalism and democracy.” Well, how good is capitalism if economies might collapse upon little instability or the ability of the elite few to cause a recession and how good is a democracy if justice is lesser for the poor and more for the rich.

There is an alternative to making the poor rich and the rich richer without causing miseries, uncertainties and unfairness for the most impoverished. This book aims to start a trend to reform capitalistic democracy and convert it to more of social democracy, narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor for better justice, freedom and the welfare of the weakest.

The dedication of this book is for the UK, EU and the USA as an example, but the principles are the same for any country, each with varying degrees of economic and social traditions or socio-economic system.

My heart bleeds for those who are helpless and suffer from the greed of the rich who build their wealth on the misfortunes of others.

We hope that our politicians, the rich and the elite few listen to the voices of wisdom and ethics. Hear the crying souls in their dungeons who suffer from the autocracy of our democracy and learn that there is a better way to reach prosperity and justice for all.

I hope the time of enlightenment comes and the sun rises on our empires to remove its vampires.