Science and Changing Destiny

Replace miseries of the past with the dreams of the future to dictate the actions of the present.
Henri Maalouf

Modern neuroscientists started to measure the waves and images of the human brain activities and detected biological changes when people think or try to communicate with the cosmos through prayer or meditation. It shows the existence of an interactive medium or quantum resonance field that contains knowledge and energy influences. Religions call it God, Atheists and scientists call it many names such as the collective consciousness, quantum fields, Morphic resonance or cosmic energy, mother nature and so on.

It does not matter what people call mother nature or the invisible power occupying the void. What matters is the acceptance or belief that there is an invisible energy that interacts with biological beings, the environment and destiny. The humans and other life forms are not alone or independent from mother nature, they interact with it. Animals instinctively feel the influences of nature’s forces, more than humans can do, using their emotional brain that senses the environment. The human brain has a much larger cortex to consciously think and also has a mid-brain or emotional brain activated by senses and feelings.

The human brain is like a sophisticated bio-intelligent computer that can produce a form of energy and mother nature acts as a giant super cosmic computer that has greater energies. Mother nature contains the medium and the complex order of all the environments, including all the life-forms which are acting as bio-intelligent computers. Mother nature communicates and reacts to life forms and the environment as they are her babies or peripheral interfaces. Sometimes, mother nature acts as a father and disciplines its children but also provides for them.

The challenge is to understand mother nature, be grateful to its creation and learn how to ask for its help or guidance. But requesting and knowing are not enough, actions get things done. It helps people to understand how their brains and nervous systems work to learn how to communicate with mother nature who has all the knowledge and energies to change everything.

To understand further how the brain functions, think of it as a computer storing programs or a cellular phone storing Apps. Depending on the data input, the program produces relevant output. So, imagine mother nature is a giant supercomputer and has to deal with everything and everyone. Learning how mother nature functions and getting its attention takes a lot of effort and energy. Unifying oneself with mother nature and feeling it, gets you closer to it, then you can tune to its energy align with one of its resonances. The energy in mother nature created us and made us who we are. Tapping into it and communicating with it could give us knowledge and energies that will change us.

In other words, and for the religious people. If mother nature is God, then pray and feel God. Imagine God is your father and ask for changes. But God is busy with billions of your siblings, other life forms, heavens and planets or other environments. So, ask the greater energy and knowledge to give you instructions on how to change, then take action to change yourself. God will not change your circumstances unless you change yourself and the right changes need the right actions.

So as you change a computer program, change your mindset, behavior, beliefs, addictions, habits and adapt to a current environment. Many rich and powerful people have done it previously and many have undergone rehabilitation or hypnotherapy and got rid of their addictions. Change is possible with knowledge and continuous efforts. People’s destiny will not change if they are lazy and surrender to fate, saying it is Allah’s will. Even when wars cause miseries, people could migrate, find new opportunities in new lands and better themselves.

Although the human mind programmed since birth, it changes with the daily interactions of the social-economic system, education and the environment. We reprogram our minds every day in everything we do and in every law we follow. It is like the computer program updates and upgrades. So, if we add a few changes to our lifestyle, we can reprogram our minds and change our predicted destiny. Alternatively, we could delete the old program and download a new one but it takes lots of effort and external intervention, influences and guidance. Migrating to another country is equivalent to deleting an old computer program and downloading a new one.

Imagine if the cosmos around us or mother nature or God has the knowledge of everything to everybody and has all the required programs. Imagine it like Google Play or Apple Apps Store or simply the internet where you can find any information or program you need and can download it. Of course, it is fairly easy to use computers and cellular phones for their Apps. But it is more complex to use the human mind to receive new knowledge and to act on it to impose changes. It needs more guidance, effort and acceptance for a necessary change to develop and improve oneself.

There are many PhD scientists in biology, neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics and others who can explain and prove the phenomena of the invisible communication between life forms and the cosmos. There are many theories and researches on how the human mind can interact with the cosmos to reprogram itself using the power of thought, which amplifies via meditation or prayers.

The most prominent scientists the author is impressed with are Dr. Thomas Stark and his book the Sheldrake shift and Morphic resonance, Dr. Joe Dispenza and mainly his 13 videos Rewired and many other books or lectures anyone can find on YouTube.

Of course, there are millions of spiritualists such as the Dalai Lama, modern priests and psychics to learn from them how to pray, meditate, be happy and change ourselves. The UK’s prominent psychics Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker can predict the future with 90% accuracy. But the determined future could change and that is why no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy and detail. So, the future is interactive and could change depending on efforts and the changes in the present. Besides the cosmos is always changing and unpredictable like lottery numbers.

On a biological level, the power of thoughts changes the expressions of genes, which means the information coding of the genes that dictate behavior. The thoughts rewire the neurons’ networks in the brain and nervous system. A neuron’s circuit or network transmits signals to the body cells and changes their functions in the body.

The electric impulses of the neurons stimulate the nervous system to trigger the release of some hormones that affect the functions of organs and glands. Mainly, it stimulates the endocrine system to regulate the body’s metabolism. The endocrine system affects mood, stress or happiness, fight or flight, sexual desires, growth and development, which affect behavior. To put it simply, imagine having sexual fantasies with someone you desire. The endocrine system releases hormones, excites the nerves and increases the blood flow to give you an erection. It all happens by the power of thoughts.

The conclusion from the above; is thoughts change the body including healing and behavior, which lead to certain actions and destiny. But it is not only that. Thoughts are invisible and so is the magnetic field, yet it has power or energy to affect matter or change things. The thoughts generate and receive resonating frequencies or waves. They create a resonance field that could be called the mind’s quantum field that interacts with the physical quantum field of the cosmos.

Whatever scientists or people call such invisible force fields, it does not matter. What matters is that invisible energy or force fields can change physical matter. The energy of thoughts can change body cells, memories, experiences and the preset program in the brain to change predicted destiny and behavior. So, the predictable function of the mind’s program could be changed by the power of thoughts, which changes the programing codes of the human genes.

People see and feel in their dreams if bad or good things are about to happen. If a dream is bad, people can react, meditate or pray and ask mother nature to change its judgment, divert the negative energy elsewhere or forgive them for their sins. If a dream is good, people must be grateful, embrace it, receive it and seize the opportunity. Otherwise, they miss the train that could take them to a more desired destination.

To understand dreams, we have to learn how the mind interacts with the cosmic energies that transmit and receive signals via impulses or frequencies that resonate with the human mind’s senses of the nervous system. It is not easy to understand dreams because mother nature talks to humans in symbolic language visualizing images similar to ones stored in their minds and mean something to each individual.

Scientists tell us that thoughts affect the neurons, which stimulate the neurotransmitters that signal the cells to change their functions. Perhaps, the thoughts in the human conscious and unconscious brains are a form of energy and the cosmos have similar forms of energies, but not the same. Both energies exchange instructions and interact via entangled quantum fields and affect each other.

The interaction happens when the human mind sends signals by the power of thought and receives back cosmic thought or knowledge as instructions to change things. A form of cosmic energies is thoughts and knowledge stored in its fluctuating quantum fields or space in one form or another. It is stored as humans upload and download information to and from a super computer or the internet, continuously changing and updating.

Some human minds can tune in and resonate to a specific cluster of frequencies of the quantum fields to receive thoughts and convert them into memories and actions. To simplify the matter further religiously or spiritually; imagine the surrounding cosmos is God and God is everything that interacts with life forms and the environment. When people pray, they send their thoughts to God and eventually, God listens, but God receives prayers from billions of life-forms and has to process and workout the balance of everything and eventually responds in mysterious and balancing ways.

The author thinks, no matter how constant is the balance of the complex order of the cosmos or the will of a worshipped God is. There is always room to maneuver or an acceptable range of tolerance to choose from. It is like a blood test, there is a range of minimum and maximum and anything in between is acceptable.

So, the response to the prayer or meditative thoughts will give feedback in one form or another, if the meditation is strong enough to affect acceptable change. Anyone with little knowledge, effort and practice can tap into cosmic knowledge. It happens even to the best inventors or scientists who receive the same ideas at the same time while they are far across continents.

It happens all the time, after intensive deliberation to seek answers, suddenly Eureka, the breakthrough ideas are downloaded to people’s minds. Even Mark Zuckerberg received inspiration to write the codes for Facebook social media applications and a million others receive ideas in similar ways.

It is as people see in dreams, coded symbolic images and try to decode or understand what they mean. The response to evil thoughts could return negatively by punishment in mysterious ways and the rewards for positive thoughts could also return in unexpected good ways. It is the balance of nature that remains, no matter what humans want.

Religious people say it is the will of God while logical minds say it is the balance between nature and life forms. Nature has some tolerance that humans must take advantage of, learn how and exert appropriate efforts and react to pieces of information. However, once that threshold of tolerance upsets the balance of nature, destruction follows.

The author hopes his explanations, in religious and scientific ways, are convincing for all kinds of people about the possibility and ability to change predicted destiny. Perhaps understanding nature and its interaction with the human mind and the environment is much more sophisticated than scientific or religious interpretations.

People have their experiences, scientists and religions have their interpretations but all agree that there is evidence about the ability to change destiny. Mother nature communicates with the human mind in a symbolic language, the human brain hardly understands, as it is in dreams. Nature could respond to evil by creating tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, raising tsunamis, creating droughts and humans have to understand the reasons or root causes for why disasters happen.

The author of Ecolism Bible is convinced that there is a form of communication and interactions between the human mind and the cosmos. Also believes there is an entity that directs people to a specific path in life. It could be the soul that has subtle form of energy and instructions to maintain the alignment and balance with mother nature. The author has personal experience of communicating with some form of cosmic energy or entity that religious people call God or the psychics call spirits.

Religious people interpret God as an image of humankind and believe in the existence of spirits, angels, miraculous saints. Atheists and scientists think of the invisible cosmic energy as the collective consciousness, like waves, frequencies, magnetic or force fields and so on.

Whatever is the surrounding cosmos, whether it is a ball of light acting as a super computer or it is everything around us and life forms are just part of it. There is hardly a denial about the existence of an interactive entity or a form of invisible energy. People can see dreams or have premonitions which raise the question, where do they come from?

The CIA uses remote viewers, people who can remotely see what is happening elsewhere, to spy on others, which proves that there is a medium of transmission and reception between the human mind and the medium of the cosmos. In Africa, some pastors can see good or bad things will happen to someone and pray to stop bad things from happening. So, the conclusion from the above is if the same thoughts remain in the human mind, destiny is decided but if people pray or meditate or change their thoughts, then destiny could change within allowed parameters or range.

The Swiss-French particles or atoms collider called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) beneath the borders of Switzerland and France. The purpose of the LHC is to answer a fundamental question in physics concerning the governing laws of the interactions between force fields and elementary objects. Similarly, we can ask and seek an answer about the human mind and the cosmic force fields?

Scientifically, the old science thought that the atom contains positively charged protons negatively charged electrons and neutral neutrons. They thought the spin of the electrons around the proton is like the planets orbiting the sun. Later on, they discovered the electrons rotate so fast that they exist everywhere around the proton at the same time.

They are like a God who exists everywhere. Similarly, we could say; the human mind is like a proton and the cosmos is like electrons everywhere and there is a force field between them. Then any energy will cause fluctuations in the force field that affects the human mind. In spiritual or religious language, the mind can interact with God’s power by sending and receiving thoughts as guidance and instructions.

The Hadron collider bombarded the proton with electrons to split it and found a smaller particle called Quark then bombarded it again to split it further and found, instead of negative and positive states, it splits into 6 states, up and down, strange and charm, top and bottom and kept in the balance with an equivalent anti-matter copy of itself. The up and down particles are stable and the others can only be produced by high energy and collisions to produce the changes.

So, no matter how you split the atom, there are two opposite states and a force between them. This means energy changes things and thoughts are a form of energy and can cause changes.

Comparing the three energy states of an atom, positive, negative and neutral with the three powers of; the human mind, the cosmic force field and cosmic energy, we find similarities. So, it must be logical and true from the perspective of three states interacting with each other to keep a certain balance. By analogy, the experiment on the atom is similar to the human beings or life forms interacting with the cosmic force fields forced by the production of energy.

The author believes the human mind is in a neutral state and the energy of thoughts changes the neutral state to send or receive positive or negative energies via resonating vibrations or waves. Measuring the brain waves and the strength of their magnetic or force field outside the brain is very difficult because they are tiny. Perhaps science will be advanced enough one day to measure and see where these waves outside the brain go, how they interact with the cosmic force fields and measure all forms of energies that cannot be measured today.

When science advances to this level of cosmic detection, measurements and understanding, perhaps they can invent instruments to download required information to the human mind without using the energy of thoughts. But currently, people know from dreams, prophecies, psychic revelations, remote viewers and meditation, that the human mind can exchange information with the cosmos and other human beings.

Now let us translate the laws of physics of the LHC and compare it with the human DNA and genes. Some doctors tell you; it is a genetic disease and cannot be changed; you inherited that from your family. A police person would say that you are a criminal, born like that, will never change and must be locked in isolation forever as the laws say.

In the author’s opinion and many other modern scientists are convinced that anyone and anything could be changed, including genetic diseases, human behavior and destiny. Religious people call it miracles and prayers can cure diseases. In any case, the power of thoughts could change matter and influence changes in the body’s cells.

It is also possible to change criminal behavior. The repeat law offenders or criminals can be changed, not by permanent isolation in prisons but by continuously re-programing themselves with guidance, meditation and efforts. It is simply, by wiping out from their memories all the terrible addictions or unethical social behavior and replacing them with new ethical habits and disciplines.

This means changing the old embedded and bad genes expressions with new ethical and good ones. It is like the rebirth of oneself. What is missing in modern western civilization is true mental rehabilitation for offenders and more education for personal development. The Chinese succeeded in modern days in stopping the terrorism acts of the Muslim Uighur by creating re-education centers for them to reprogram their minds to be good Chinese citizens.

The Westerns criticized the Chinese, but the West failed in preventing terrorism while the Chinese succeeded. In China, people can leave their doors open and no thief dares to steal while in the West we have to double-lock our doors from outside and inside. Humans must indeed be civilized in treating offenders and limit their freedoms to stop them from offending. But treatment must be by mental rehabilitation to change the embedded expressions of genes, not by harming the physical body as it is done in prisons, torture and the waterboarding methods of Guantanamo Bay.

The Americans could argue the prevention of terrorism succeeded after the suicide attack on the trade centers on 11 September 2001 but did their systems prevent their people from killing each other or attacking students at schools? Did their methods and social upbringing of the white Caucasians stop the police from killing black Afro-Americans? History tells us they did not. Perhaps, the West should learn how to create re-educational training centers for changing people’s lifestyles to a more ethical one.

The following chapters will help with little knowledge on how to change yourself and change your circumstances without the influence of the old religion or the laws. It is by your free will to change your destiny by the power of your thoughts. It is not that difficult to wipe out the bad old memories and replace them with happier ones. Learn from past failures, try again and again until you succeed. Replace the past events with new realistic dreams of a desired future to dictate new habits and attitudes in the present to change yourself and your future destiny.

There are no fixed things in the universe, everything spins and change including our concepts, convictions, theories including religious beliefs. Simply, it is the rebirth of the desired new you, letting the old self fade away and die. Changes to oneself can be done by; meditation, prayers, hypnotherapy, repetitive lecturing, media spin and social influences.

Happiness is the secret of changing luck and destiny. It makes people think positively, more productive, luckier and successful. As wealth brings more wealth or makes the rich richer, so is happiness brings more happiness and luck. So, simply deny the existence of sadness and replace your feelings with continuous happiness. Money seems to triggers happiness in a materialistic world and is the currency that motivates most people, makes them happier and helps them satisfy some of their desires.

But when money is hard to get, especially when you get addicted to keep getting more and more. It is a fact that it is a pie in the sky for more than half the population on this planet Earth? So, if it is not available. Replace it with non-materialistic happiness or spiritual one or simply happy feelings for no reason.

The medical ways for the Westerns and other societies, in modern days, rely on medicine to make depressed people happy by giving them addictive anti-depressants that cause adverse side effects. Alternatively, the old Eastern ways rely on the power of thought, meditation, yoga, Thai Qi, Qigong, feel-good acupuncture and relaxing massage. The African way is simply exposure to the sun, walking, working physically hard, singing, dancing, listening to music and smiling all the time. Some Latinos and Americans surrender to addictive narcotics to escape the burdens of life to feel temporary euphoria.

Happiness is just a feeling which can be triggered by happy thoughts and dreams instead of drugs or the feeling of being rich or a glamorous celebrity or a domineering megalomaniac leader. So, what happens inside the brain and the nervous system to make us feel happy are simply chemicals that stimulate the nerves and are called happy hormones or D.O.S.E. (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphin). But before we have some idea on how the D.O.S.E naturally works and how to meditate to trigger its secretion, let us have some understanding of how the brain functions.

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