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1. Eco-Socio-Economic System
2. Utopian Eco-City.

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Ecolism is the salvation of humanity when the next socio-economic meltdown comes.

ECOLISM is about UTOPIAN ECO-CITIES AND ECO-SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEMS The self-sufficient Eco-cities can shut their gates and survive a virus warfare or cyber attack or any global economic meltdown. The 2008 economic collapse, 2020 CORONAVIRUS and whatever will come next could render our civilization helpless and much poorer. Ecolism concept is a framework for an ecosystem that protects the humankind, like a protective shell of a tortoise or defensive dome. The chosen ones could be saved and survive in their Eco-homes, eating from their agro-garden and have no bills to pay except; the interest on a $100k Eco-home at 2% interest, costing $133/month, affordable by anybody on a low income or poor.

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