Henri Maalouf is the author of Ecolism Bible which is series of books about Eco Lifestyle Eco Social Ecosystem Eco Homes Eco cities Eco Principles and Eco Human Rights

Sustainable living suggests Eco home that must become a secure place for survival where a family can eat from its garden, work and learn by using the internet. COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home to avoid death, so why most people do not do it permanently? Imagine the amount of money people can save on transport, education fees, and travel time if they simply work from and study from home. This book details how families can live in Eco-homes almost self-sufficient and reduce at least 70% of their outgoing bills.

People can collect the rainwater from their Eco home, filter and recycle it for multiple uses. It is easy and cheaper to install efficient solar panels, wind turbines and storage batteries to have renewable free energy. The cost of living must be affordable in any country frugal Eco-lifestyle reduces poverty worldwide. The cost of living must become more affordable for more people to live a sustainable life at least in Eco-homes.

Henri Maalouf

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Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.
Ecolism Bible Eco Lifestyle Eco Social Ecosystem Eco Home Eco city Eco Principles Eco Human Rights.