Ecolism is series of books about Eco-lifestyle, Eco-home, Eco-ethical Principles, Eco-human rights Eco-social and economic ecosystems in self-sufficient Eco-cities for sustainable living for the poor and the rest of the world.

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Ecolism is about Eco lifestyle, Home, Ethical Principles, Human Rights Social and economic ecosystems in self-sufficient Eco-cities

Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.

COVID-19 pandemic proved that the Ecolism concept is people’s salvation when a war or pandemic disaster creates economic turmoil for any nation. Building self-sufficient Eco-cities and Eco-homes for the poor will eliminate poverty. People can learn and work from home, eat from their gardens, have free electricity from renewable energy sources, and stop climate change. Lowering the cost of living will make the poor rich and the rich richer. If rich nations spend on welfare more than on warfare and eliminate corruption, poverty becomes non-existent, and people live in paradise on earth.

Ecolism suggests for the leaders of rich nations to build self-sufficient Eco-cities for their national security and protection against global economic turmoil. The major benefit is that Eco-cities can shut their gates and survive the spread of a virus pandemic, economic recession, cyber-attacks, bio-warfare, modern silent wars, or surrender to external influences.

Ecolism encourages to build self-sufficient Eco-homes to allow people to study and work from home using the internet. They can eat from the surrounding gardens and have free electricity from renewable solar and wind energy. They will produce 0% CO2, methane, and other pollutants to help to reduce the impact of climate change. Building self-sufficient Eco-homes in Eco-cities gives people the necessities for survival.

Ecolism suggests that once a year everyone on the planet must celebrate Tree Day or Tree Carnival and plant trees at any place, fences, roadsides, forests, and gardens. If nations plant billions of CO2 absorbing trees, each year to increase forestation and reduce deforestation, the excess of CO2 will be reversed.