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Ecolism Volume 3

Eco-Human Rights & Eco-lifestyle

In science, we might be advanced, but in humanity, we are not.

Henri Maalouf

We sent probes to the furthest planet of our galaxy, but we have not eliminated poverty. We created myriads of laws and rules, but we have not given justice for everyone on the planet. We might have liberated slavery but did not liberate ourselves from being slaves to money and power. In Western countries, we waste food enough to feed the starving people who are dying from hunger. Powerful nations sell weapons for profits, create wars to kill and destroy instead of peace to survive. Are we really civilized yet?

Countries spend billions on warfare, instead of spending more on welfare. Corruption still exists in most countries; the elite few get the most, while the rest suffers the worst. The Ecolism books find a balance between the extremes of extravagant wealth and extreme poverty. Ecolism books; aim to end poverty, provide higher living standards, ensures a peaceful living, grant responsible freedom, equality and justice for all.

There is enough wealth in the world to build a 3-bedroomed home for every family on the planet. To my knowledge, and from what I hear and read, in our 21st century, there are the elite few families in the world who can invest in building Eco-cities and Eco-homes for every couple older than 16 to give them a decent life, employ them and benefit from their productivity.

But instead, the establishment prefers to benefit from wars, making money by creating more poverty to others, instead of spreading the wealth, they widen the gap between rich and poor. The richest, trade in un-Eco-friendly businesses such as petrol, coal, nuclear plants, weapons, drugs, plastics, and other pollutants to the planet, while there are Eco-substitutes that achieve the same wealth, but such Eco-substitute is hardly used. Businesses influence governments to ignore the right path to a more morally advanced ethical civilization and choose to gradually destroy the planet for short term profits.

The narcissistic greed for money, by bankers and financial institutions, caused a global recession in 2008 and the filthy mentalities who created it did not care about bankrupting powerful countries and degrading the living standards of billions on this plant. Nevertheless, after the recession, the status quo continued, and governments did not eradicate all the root cause for another recession to happen. Such sick mentalities still exist and far from being morally civilized.

On the other hand, great wealth is still being created by great companies or people, however, the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider by the day. It is simply because the rich want more profits, so the poor have to pay higher prices and governments allow it

let us take for example; the US companies market values; Amazon worth $800bn, Microsoft worth $790bn, Apple worth 750bn and Google are in the same category. The American multinational retail corporation, Walmart Inc. has annual revenue of more than $500 billion, which is about half the revenue of the British government. And the list goes on to international conglomerate including German manufacturers and pharmaceuticals. As individuals; Bezos the Amazon owner wealth is more than $140 billion, Bill Gates of Microsoft worth $100 Billon and many others worth $40 billion and above. Also, the rich Arabs in the Gulf, the Jews, Chinese, Indians, Japanese and those who do not even reveal their secretive wealth.

So, imagine, if one company is more powerful than a developed western country like the UK or France and if money is the only power of influence, it makes us wonder, who is controlling whom? Think about it. If a politician earns $100k / year and can give a license to a company to operate and make billions. The company can easily bribe the politician with millions, support an election campaign and donate to a political party to legislate for the benefits of a business more than the protection of the consumer.

It always made me wonder; how a politician suddenly moves from a small flat to live in a mansion that cannot be purchased by a salary? No one asks, where did you get your wealth from? Nobody really monitors or investigates secretive funds or bearer bonds owned by people in authorities. It is disgraceful that governments turn blind eyes on their corruption. They even sell their countries’ interests for personal gains.

I am a great believer in changing the imbalance in human inequalities and equalizing the balance of powers. I believe in the day of reckoning or human rights revolution when things will turn upside down. I believe in a century from now the influence of money becomes obsolete and replaced by ethical rules of laws which will be written by people, not unethical politicians. I believe in leaders who cannot be bribed and do not put money before ethics.

What I observed after electing the billionaire Donald Trump president of the United States that he tried to ban lobbyists. Well, perhaps because he is so rich and do not need their money to influence legislation. However, large groups in the Senate, who are supported by rich businesses, opposed him all the times undermining his authority as a president working for the national interests, wealth, and jobs. Therefore, it is better if politicians are rich enough and do not have the narcissistic greed for more money earned at any cost including the abuse of their positions in power.

Lobbying politicians to change policies or enact new legislation that protects corporations’ interests rather than the consumer, is still going on and very apparent in the USA, the UK, the EU, and most other countries. Therefore, it is much better if a politician or a prime minister or a president is either very rich “and do not want to be richer” or paid the highest salary in the land or cannot be influenced by the temptations of wealth. Otherwise, lobbyists’ briberies and political parties’ donations, would influence leaders to alter a national policy or sign a treaty to suit the rich more than the poor. And sometimes politicians betray their country to get paid more money.

In the UK’s referendum to leave or remain in the European Union and the election in the USA for the 45th president Donald Trump, the results were a near split, about more than half the population voted for changing the status quo of the establishment and the other half sadly, did not. At least, about 50% of people started to realize that we are living in a world of big lies and conspiracies. The politicians and media mislead the public most of the times. They act as ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ using their emotional intelligence to play on the electorate’s emotional wishes, beliefs and fears. Behind closed doors, things are not as they seem outside them. Political speeches and promises are not factual deeds. I admire president’s like Donald Trump, whether you hate his guts when he says as it is or not because he tries to deliver on his promises. Maybe he is not a good politician with a silver tongue, but he does what he says using unusual ways. It does not matter what he says and how he talks, what matters, is what he tries to do and does.

Just to give a clear example of politicians misleading the public: no one forgets that the Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and the Exchequer George Osborne in the UK have misled the public and said if the UK votes to leave the EU, doom and gloom will happen. But, consequently, more than half of the population voted to leave the EU but the economy got even better! Similar things happened in the USA, many American presidents signed bad trade treaties and deals with other countries and said it is good for the country, but it was not. While when President Trump came into power the U.S. economy started to improve! All the above is happening in the name of democracy and capitalism that are; the freedom for politicians and the rich at the cost of lowering the living standards of the poorer.

No matter what the argument is about democracy and capitalism or whatever politicians say about policies, the bottom line is; poverty still exists. The point I am making in the above examples is that most people are influenced by money which became the source of all evil. What if we remove the need for money, the desires for luxuries and extravagant lifestyle? What if ethics are more important than money? What if lies, deception, unfulfilled promises, misleading and dishonesty are forbidden and punishable by death? I bet most politicians and unethical businesses will either prefer money and die or become ethical to live.

Democracy is an old Greek word “dēmokratia” which means people – power or rule. According to the Oxford English dictionary, “ democracy means A system of government by the whole population or Control of an organization by the majority of its members or the practice of social equality.” But practically, it means elected government by people to represent them. Logically, the contrary is true. When politicians misrepresent people, then they should be deselected immediately and punished for betrayal.

However, democracy does not mean it is a complete socio-economic system that has defined laws and principles. Unlike socialism, it has some principles, whether capitalists like them or not. So, the problem with democracy is that it does not have clearly defined ethical and constitutional principles. Instead, it is made up of laws and policies legislated and changed on the fly without people’s approval or fairer justice for all. This is contradictory for the meaning of democracy: people rule. People are ruled by politicians instead of people ruling them. Even religions, whether they are right or wrong, have defined constitutional ethical principles better than democracy with all its myriads of laws.

Hence, this is the problem I am solving in Ecolism, by creating defined ethical Eco-principles and human ecosystem.

I am not saying democracy and capitalism are too bad, but I like to know, how countries apply the ethical principles of democracy and where are the standards? I heard politicians talking about democracy and values, without knowing or saying what are those values! Does democracy really mean freedom for all? Justices for all? Equality for all? Or is it in name only? It might have a shiny name, but not all that glitters are gold or silver and things are not as they seem. The rich and politicians say: capitalism and democracy are good, but the poor says; why am I still poor or homeless in a democratic country?

I am not advocating communism nor socialism, as I mentioned in the philosophy of my Ecolism books, where I highlight the flaws in all socio-economic systems including religions. The abstract of the Ecolism is that democracy is an extreme austerity for the poorest and extreme wealth for the richest, socialism is graciousness for the poorest, but attracts less investment from the richest. There should be a balance between them, as I advocate in my Ecolism books.

What I advocate is the balance of two extremes, wealth and poverty. No poverty, no homelessness and an Eco-home with Eco-lifestyle as a minimum living standard and human right for every couple older than sixteen. Governments should provide those human rights, collect taxes from the rich who employ the poor to pay for it. The Eco-home and Eco-lifestyle should be a universal human right’s protective shell for the poorest. The right to live in a self-sufficient and sustainable environment, should not be affected by any economic turmoil of any socio-economic system.

The spirit of the Eco-principles is responsible freedom, equality, justice, moral and ethical disciplines for all. The Eco-principles include the protection of the environment to maintain a greener planet. We can protect the environment by reducing the CO2, N2O and CH4 to a minimum and preferably to zero if we can. The Eco-principles help us change our lifestyle and habits without the need for governments to tell us what we should or should not do.

The concept reduces the cost of living to the bare necessities, to the extent of eating from an edible garden surrounding the family’s Eco-home, when money is not available to buy food. In Europe, there are social-welfare systems purposed to help the poor to survive when they have no income. The Ecolism system, help them to survive, even if there is no social welfare system or it is not adequate to live dignified.

However, the welfare systems vary from one country to another and have never eliminated poverty or homelessness, nor provided a good living standard for everyone. The living standard and social equality were nearly perfected in Sweden before they joined the EU, unfortunately, started to deteriorate, when Sweden started to be engaged in globalization and accept more migrants who are not ready to integrate with the locals.

If every country has a self-sufficient socio-economic system, ethical politicians and no war that destroys the country’s ecosystem, then there will be no need for migration. If human rights are enhanced to include the right to live in an adequate living standard including Echo-home, there will be no more misery on earth and poverty will be eliminated.

Initially, the Eco-principles are voluntarily followed by individuals, communities, clubs and free for anyone to follow. The ethics of the Eco-principles should be compatible with human rights, religious and national laws. Any community or neighborhood can have their social chapter or internal rules as a convention among them to support and enhance the ethics of the national laws or religions. Ultimately, The Eco-principles become universal Eco-lifestyle followed by everyone on this planet.

I hope that one day, humans learn to live in perfect harmony among themselves, with no greed, selfishness, megalomania or modern socio-economic imperialism. Our human race must advance to a civilization of no wars or political and economic invasion of weaker countries. Globalization and world domination of powerful countries should help the weaker ones to naturally grow instead of consuming their resources, weakening them and destroying their economies. The best way to achieve that is to agree on and follow universal human rights principles by all nations.

The following sections of this book; describe the new concept of enhanced human rights for a new Eco-lifestyle for people to live in an Eco-home to eliminate poverty. This book is complementary to Ecolism 1 and 2.

>>>>to be continued

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