Each self-sufficient Eco-city can shut its gates and survive virus warfare or cyberattack or any global economic turmoil.

The 2008 economic collapse, 2020 coronavirus and whatever will come next render our civilization defenseless.

Ecolism concept is a framework for an ecosystem that protects the humankind, like a protective shell of a tortoise or defensive dome.

The chosen ones could be saved and survive in their Eco-homes, eating from their agro-garden and have no bills to pay except; the interest on a $100k Eco-home at 2% interest, costing $133/month, affordable by anybody on a low income or poor.

So, do you want to live in a Utopian Ecosystem unaffected by any global economic disaster?

Are you on low income and would you like to own an Eco-home in a self-sufficient Eco-city?

If the answer is yes, and you want to be protected from the cradle to the grave, then vote for leaders who build Eco-homes and Eco-cities.

Each Eco-city could have 1 million Eco-homes, expandable to 3 millions, for families to live protected in an Eco-city the size of London.

The Eco-city is sustained by Eco-industries, agriculture, renewable energy, businesses, data centers, innovations, leisure and most of what people need to work and live content with the necessities for survival.

The Eco-welfare system guarantees that no one starves, and every family gets free education for life, work and own and Eco-home as a compulsory human right.

The Eco-city trees absorb CO2 and no harmful greenhouse gases produced, no chemicals, plastics, non-recyclables or anything that harms the environment.

The climate change can be controlled if countries recycle their existing cities into Eco-cities and Eco-homes as described in Ecolism books.

Register your interest on our website to help us lobbying governments to build Eco-homes in Eco-cities and to implement Eco-socio-economic welfare systems.

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