UE Empire

UE Empire

Yodok was the freedom, justice, equality and Eco-fighter. He did not like the hypocrisy of the United Empire (UE) claiming freedom, democracy, and prosperity while imposing oppressive and autocratic rules that created austerity and captivity of its colonies.

One of the UE’s great colonies called Baritania had a King and people pressurised him to call for an independence referendum that has a clear binary choice to either leave the UE or remain in the UE. Despite the UE’s collaborators, including the king, prophesying disasters if people choose to leave, most people voted to leave the UE’s social-economic domination and become independent. The King abdicated, and a Queen replaced him to lead the nation and negotiate a peaceful withdrawal truce to deliver on the will of people’s majority as democracy dictates.

The impact of Baritania leaving the UE would cause an earthquake in its foundation because Baritania is equivalent to 19 small UE’s colonies, besides the loss of revenue from its export, taxes, and control would encourage other colonies to take their independence as happened throughout the history of Empires. Therefore, The UE used all its power and money to influence its collaborators to prevent the independence of the great colony Baritania.

The UE has unlimited financial resources to influence many dishonourable conspirators who betray their nations for money or position in power. The UE had a truce with each colony that they cannot take their independence without a peaceful withdrawal agreement to avoid chaos and economic disruption.

The UE used the leaders’ weaknesses for the earthly temptations to lure them inside a complex maze of its spider’s web and once they are trapped in, there is no way out except becoming paralyzed preys living at the mercy of the Spider who created the web.

The UE bullied Baritania and offered the queen a peaceful withdrawal agreement that is worse than remaining a fully controlled colony. The Queen of Baritania, her Nobel knights and the house of Senates started to fight one another, in a Mexican stand-off, whether to accept the Queen’s withdrawal truce option or reject it or leave without it or keep the status quo or find an alternative. None of the options has the majority in the house of Senates to ratify and people who voted to leave were furious about the betrayal of democracy.

The Queen narrowed down the options to accept her withdrawal truce or leave the UE without any truce. Most of the senators were corrupt conspirators for the UE and worked against the independence of their nation. The House of Senate did not even accept the Queen’s narrowed two options and the Mexican stand-off remained.

Yodo thought that there is a need for an extraordinary solution to force a corrupt senator to confess his/her collaboration with the UE and to snitch on all the others. The confession will cause a domino effect that causes an uprising in all the colonies and collapses the UE. It is not difficult to find the weakest link of a chain, break it and roll out the rest of its beads.

Yodo thought of a magical mushroom that can be converted to truth serum or drug, when sprayed in the air, whoever breathes it, loses the will to lie and tell the truth when asked any question. And Yodo wished to get a magic relic from aliens that have the power to expose the conspirators because it is the only way to force hypocritical and cunning Senators to reveal their vested interests in the UE that drive them to betray their nation.

Yodo started to get angry about the increasing numbers of conspirators. Even those who were patriots once betrayed the cause and became anti-patriots to serve their vested interests. The patriots who were Nobel royal knights disagreed with the Queen’s withdrawal agreement and resigned with honour, but the traitors remained in power and had no honour.

Yodo saw the balance of powers hanging in the balance between patriots and anti-patriots that resulted in an inability to deliver on the results of the referendum as the Queen promised. Yodo was worried that the freedom of his people will be curtailed by the UE and the traitors would prevail.

Yodo thought of an uprising freedom movement motivating the Patriots to wear red vests carrying the national flag marching to the house of Senates to force them to deliver on the result of the referendum and leave the UE without the Queen’s withdrawal agreement and fall back on an international trading rule.

Yodo thought of persuading people to hire locals, produce and buy national products first and if necessary, import from the rest of the world to stop being reliant on trading with the UE. Yodo advocated self-sufficiency as essential national security which enables the nation to shut down its borders and survive without importing anything from the UE.

Yodo thought of a petition to demand from politicians to declare the sources of their hidden wealth to establish whether they are traitors or not? However, they have the power to hide the truth. Therefore, whistle-blowers will be needed to investigate and expose the traitors, but no one dares, and no one can find the truth.

Yodo’s logical thinking guides him to find the root causes that motivate people to take certain actions. He wants to know; why, and how politicians and authorities betray their nations? Yodo wants to find out how the UE can create traitors? Is it bribery? Is it promises of remaining in power? Do they add drugs to their drinks and food to subdue and program them to betray their nations? Do they blackmail them? Do they give them paradise if they surrender and hell if they do not? Are they trapped in a spider’s web with no way out? Are they members of secretive and sinister organizations threatened to obey and live or disobey and die? Are they just selfish megalomaniacs dealing with the devil to obtain wealth and power at any cost?

Many questions remain unanswered, and the truth will eventually surface like a dead body dumped in a lake. In mathematics, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and in life, the truth is the shortest answer to all problems. The sooner we find the truth, the quicker that we solve the problems and break the Mexican stand-off.

In the end, it is up to people to stand up for their rights and freedom. If they do not, some of their leaders are like false prophets promising paradise in heaven but delivering hell on earth. Some people value honor and are not tempted by money, others value money at any cost disregarding ethics, honesty, morality and they care about themselves only.

The United Empire (UE) learned from the loss in the 1st and 2nd world wars that, conquering other countries and killing their people will only create an opposing alliance who will fight back, and no matter how long it takes, eventually the invader will be defeated. Empires throughout history conquered and dominated for years, some lasted decades, others, hundreds of years. Eventually, colonies took their independence and paid a high price for their freedom. Some Empires collapsed when their leaders fought one another, and others could not dominate their colonies with oppressive rules.

The UE also learned from the fall of empires in history that the emperor needs more money to control more colonies otherwise bad economy collapses an empire. Therefore, the emperor made sure that each colony pays taxes and trade with the empire to keep the UE in power. However, each colony must remain poorer than the emperor. It is like giving a person medicine with side effects to kill a disease but create many side effects that need buying more medicine to survive longer, otherwise the patient die and cannot buy more medicine. It is more profitable to keep the patient alive to buy more medicine.

Learning from the losses of previous wars, the UE used advanced and modern tactics instead of killing the enemies, bribe their leaders, set them up and blackmail them either with corruption or sex scandals. The UE created secretive societies and clubs lead by its Emperor to threaten its collaborators with severe consequences if they leave or disobey the orders of the Emperor.

The UE managed to use the latest illegal psychological and chemical technologies to brainwash the leaders of neighbouring nations and convert them to blind walking zombies obeying the emperor. The Emperor appointed autocratic leaders of the UE’s council who spoke in the name of the UE, but they were the Emperor’s puppets.

The UE ruled tens of nations for more than four decades. It gave them partial freedoms and no final say in legislating most of their national laws. The UE allowed them to elect democratically their representatives in the Empire’s council, but autocratically appointed the main leaders of the UE’s council to dictate and have the final say. The UE’s most economically powerful nation, called Alamania was ruled directly by the Emperor who cunningly allied with one of the most powerful nations militarily, called Farancia which became the right-hand loyal servant of the Emperor.

The UE’s colonies started to get poorer slowly because of the myriad of restrictive rules and austerity measures. Alamania used its economic power to buy each nation’s vital resources of revenue, businesses, and industries and forced legislation so that Alamania benefits the most and colonies benefit the least to keep them poorer. And if a nation wanted to take its independence, the UE shuts down their banks and deprive them of food supplies. Then conditionally lend them money with high interest to make them indebted and enslaved to the UE forever. If a nation decided to have a democratic referendum to leave the empire and people voted to leave, the referendum becomes illegal, impossible to leave and is repeated till people vote to remain colonized by the empire.

The Emperor autocratically appointed, his loyal leaders, to control the democratically elected ones. The UE’s leaders of the council served only the interests of Alamania first, Farancia 2nd and favoured few close allies, neglecting the rest. So, democracy, freedom, equality and fair justice for all, were façades, not realities.

One of Baritania’s patriotic and charismatic UE’s Senators realized that; the autocracy, hypocrisy, corruption, bribery, and manipulation of the laws imposed by Alamania and Farancia to dominate all colonies were designed to create a new world order on the UE’s image and under its control. He also realised that any elected Senator from any colony must swear allegiance to the UE, but not to his/her nation, otherwise does not become a Senator in the UE. Most politicians wanted to be part of an Empire and get more money instead of being patriotic leaders to their nations and get less money. So, the UE abolished nationalization and patriotism.

The charismatic politician screamed an awakening call to all politicians, traders, kings, and queens to wake up from their deep coma of total surrender to the UE. He advocated for two decades these nations must have their total freedom and independence, full national control of their borders, economies, and laws. He challenged his king to grant the great nation Baritania a referendum to choose whether to remain controlled by the Empire or leave and become totally free to choose its destiny for better or worse.

Baritania’s king accepted the challenge and called for a referendum. The King was under the influence of the UE, whether he was one of its collaborators or not remains to be seen, and a truth drug would reveal what is behind the scene. The King used the nation’s available resources to influence people to remain controlled by the UE, although a democratic referendum means free choice without any influence, threats, misleading information, and prophesying catastrophes.

The King along with his loyal servants launched, project fear, mislead people and advocated remaining instead of leaving, otherwise, there will be doom and gloom. The King threatened to raise taxes if people voted to leave the UE and become free. He discarded the wishes and wisdom of the patriots of the great nation and converted democracy to hidden autocracy.

Politicians and people could not prove the advantages or disadvantages between leaving or remaining and the ballot paper was a binary choice, leave or remain. Some people were afraid of the unknown and preferred the status quo, although Baritania was a great Empire in its recent history and can become an Empire again if its leaders and people unite. The majorities are patriots to their nation, not the UE, and preferred to become independent, free to control their laws, balance the export with import and trade with the 7 billion living on the planet instead of the 500 million people controlled by the UE’s restrictive rules.

The King claimed democracy and the freedom to choose but was biased towards remaining controlled by the UE, to satisfy his master the Emperor. He converted democracy into autocracy and liberty into captivity.

People were convinced that democracy is a binary outcome decided by people’s majority, and everybody should accept the outcome at any cost. However, anti-patriots claimed that democracy is not a binary option, without defining what democracy means! They said the Patriots are stupid to be patriots at any cost.

Despite the threats from the corrupt authoritarians in power, the biased media’s propaganda, and the unknown consequences, the majority chose in a binary choice and democratic vote to leave the UE. The Patriots believed in the ideology that: there is no price too high to pay for freedom and people pay the excessive cost to be free, as what happened throughout history for many colonies.

After the majority voted to leave the UE and against the King’s wishes who could not deliver what he promised his master the Emperor, he had to abdicate. A queen was chosen to take the throne, although she was like her predecessor advocating to remain under the control of the UE, she publicly promised to deliver the democratic results of people’s choice to leave the UE, to avoid their wrath and possible civil unrest or riots. The queen appointed ministers to assist her in managing the nation and negotiating with the UE a new peaceful withdrawal agreement to avoid economic disruptions.

So, the silent war of negotiations began between the UE’s loyalists and Baritania’s Patriots. After years of cumbersome negotiations on the terms of the withdrawal agreement, the Queen kept surrendering the national powers one after the other so that leaving the UE becomes worse than remaining. The Queen kept removing the committed Nobel Patriots from their positions and anyone who disagreed with her on the terms imposed by the UE on the withdrawal agreement.

So, some Nobel men and women honorably resigned, but others had no honor and remained to keep their jobs. The Patriots considered those who remained as traitors who would sell away the resources of their country that worth billions to benefit from bribery of millions. It is like killing a camel to feed a rat. However, there is no proof that they are traitors, otherwise, they will be hanged. Nevertheless, the truth will one day surface like a dead body in the sea to reveal the crime and history will bring shame on those traitors.

The Queen tried to convince the nation that she got the best possible withdrawal agreement with the UE, and it is the only one that can be done. However, no one was convinced because the legal text of the withdrawal agreement did not have adequate assurances, that the great nation gains its freedom and independence immediately. The Queen was not strong enough to stand up to the UE and say NO NO NO we shall never surrender and sign such a withdrawal agreement that keeps the status quo without gaining immediate total freedom and control of our destiny. The withdrawal agreement gives the UE the upper hand in deciding the trade agreement on their terms, otherwise, Baritania remains to pay taxes and under the UE’s control forever.

People were disappointed, confused and fed up of all their leaders and started to mistrust anything they say. Few years negotiating a withdrawal agreement were wasted and its terms were worse than remaining a colony of the UE. People were treated as idiots blinded by the belief in the false prophecies and promises of their leaders. People were disappointed, the Queen promised to deliver a peaceful withdrawal agreement of immediate full freedom and full independence but negotiated an indefinite and indirect surrender.

People started to question her loyalty to the great nation and started to doubt that she and her loyal servants are pretending angelic unicorns but have hyenas’ hearts. People started not to believe politicians who promise heavens and deliver hell, mislead and confuse to force a bad truce that the people should not refuse. The problem is; when most leaders are suspected conspirators and have conflicting opinions, people get confused what to believe without proof of the truth.

The Patriots tried to oust the Queen but failed, the Queen tried to force the Senate to accept the offered peaceful withdrawal agreement but failed and tried to change the unaccepted conditions of the truce but also failed. Then the chaos began. The nation and its elected Senators were confused and undecided of which kind of withdrawal agreement to accept or leave without it.

The Mexican Stand-off of the Referendum

The situation became like a Mexican stand-off; the Knights/Senators are in a circle, each pointing a gun against one another and if one shoots, the others will shoot too. It might end up in all of them dead. The status quo cannot be resolved unless a bigger circle surround the smaller one to force them to lay down their weapons otherwise will shoot them all. However, the sections of the bigger circle might also take sides and kill each other too and everybody dies.

The house of senates presented to the queen many solutions and options for this Mexican stand-off, but each is worse than the other and most solutions do not deliver on the results of the referendum. People suspected those options as a conspiracy to delay leaving the UE or sway people’s decision to change their minds and remain. It has happened before in other UE’s colonies and they tried to repeat the same dirty tricks again.

The Mexican stand-off in the house of senates:

  1. Leave without an agreement (This is what the majority voted for)
  2. Remain (But, the majority voted to leave)
  3. Agreement to half remain – half leave (people voted for full leave not half)
  4. Queen’s agreement (worse than remain or leave & Not accepted by majorities)
  5. Rejecting leave without an agreement (people vote to leave unconditionally)
  6. Delaying the decision (It is illegal because the agreement has 2 years’ limitation)

People did not understand; where these additional 4 options came from! It was not on the ballot paper! People were given a simple binary decisive choice to leave or remain, and the majority voted to leave. After years of negotiations, they were presented with different and multiple-choice options, otherwise, people are blackmailed with no decision and remaining!

Discussing the 6 options:

  1. Leave without an agreement is what people voted for, to gain immediate total freedom and control of their destiny, borders, laws, and economy at any cost. Freedom was acquired throughout history at heavy costs of spilling blood. In modern days, it is not much to pay the heavy economic price to re-gain total freedom and look for better future trading with the rest of the world.

However, most the anti-patriotic senators advocated that leaving without a peaceful withdrawal agreement should not be considered, because it will be a catastrophe, cliff edge, disaster, loss of jobs, etc..! They repeated their mater’s scripts and the project fear of negative consequences of an imaginary gloomy future. They have argued without any evidence of the truth. Their theories were merely imaginative assumptions. In mathematical equations, there are constants and variables to work out the missing answer.

The assumptions of the anti-patriots were based on imaginary variables without known constants, therefore, no true answer can be reasoned. However, people voted to leave as a definite constant regardless of the possible variables, whether they are negative or positive. People voted to leave after suffering for more than four decades of oppression and austerities. People elected their Senates as rules makers, not takers, otherwise, what is the point in electing them as leaders or rulers?

People started to doubt the patriotism of most of the senates and the queen. They started thinking about ways to find the truth and expose the traitors.

  1. Most Senates wanted to remain or vote again until you vote to remain! It means cancelling the 1st referendum and abolishing democracy. What is the point in granting people the freedom to choose but not accepting their choice?

The UE’s autocratic system forces people to vote repeatedly until they agree to lose their freedom. Why a nation need permission to have its sovereignty and freedom? The permission is not needed even if it leads to war. But obviously, the nation’s Senates have vested interests and are all bribed to betray their nation. The UE benefit from controlling their colonies with a substantial amount of money enough to bribe all the colonies’ leaders who accept betraying their nations.

Humans evolved because they have changed, and those who do not, remain living in less advanced status and conditions. Keeping the status quo does not allow progress and even if the new status and changes are unknown whether they are good or bad, changes must keep occurring until the status quo improves.

Remaining controlled by the UE means, surrendering the sovereignty of the nation and betraying nationalism. History shows that the empires and invaders always stole the gold of the countries they invaded or colonized. It is human’s nature when leaders are in power, they thrive on the weaknesses of any other. The more powerful never treat the weaker as equal. The rich do not distribute their wealth to the poor to make them equals. Humans are not fully and morally civilized enough yet, to treat others as they wish to be treated by them. So, remaining controlled by the UE is against equality, freedom, progress and the democratic wishes of the patriots of a nation.

  1. The agreement for Half in and half out means half freedoms while people voted for total freedom! Nobody hops on a bus and keeps one leg in and one leg out! It is either in or out. Full freedom does not mean partial freedom. Although full freedom does not mean harming yourself or others, it means, others should not harm you and you should not harm them fully or partially.

An agreement with the UE based on half peace and half war will not achieve full peace without any future war. Therefore, it is not a desirable option and not what people wanted in the binary choice of a referendum. People have never been asked to choose to be half in and half out, and that does not mean they should change their minds and vote again, go back to square one and delay leaving again and again, so that Baraitania remains colonized by the UE much longer and un-patriotic senators get more commissions from the UE.

  1. The Queen’s agreement is worse than remaining or leaving. Because it forces the nation to leave if it agrees on remaining under the same conditions before leaving or worse!

Why would people want to change to be worse off than they were? When the majority voted to leave no matter what the economic results entail, the queen promised to deliver on people’s wishes, yet after wasting years of futile negotiations with the UE, the result was simply a bad deal. It is like a Mexican stand-off, leaving and remaining without leaving or remaining. Most of the senators and people did not fall in this trap. The Queen’s deal was an insult to people’s intelligence and their democratic wishes to have full freedom. So, the majority rejected the bad deal, except those who would sell their country to the highest bidder or wish to live as colonised slaves in the UE’s modern empire to benefit from money or a job in authority.

People started to ask questions and doubt the queen along with her loyalists who accepted such a bad deal. Is it a total surrender to the UE? Is it convoluted and complicated retention of the status quo and worse? Has the UE brainwashed the queen? Has she been under threat or influence? Is she blind to see the details of the legal text of the bad deal? Does she trust the un-trusted bullies of the UE? What is the truth? Would people and history forgive their leaders lying to them and insulting their intelligence?

The national traders did not like the idea to change and disrupt the status quo of their businesses, because they do not care about national sovereignty. So, most of them participated in another project fear as they did during the referendum. They were concerned about their daily bread, not the national sovereignty and more prosperous future.

Yodo says to the traders: 1st they should respect the will of the people and the national interests as a whole not their small part of it. 2nd, it is widespread practice for businesses to update their computers and information technology systems to the market trends otherwise they will lose their competitive edge. Therefore, they should adapt their administrative systems to any possible changes to their status quo. 3rd, they must take advantage of the freedom to benefit from new multiple markets that exist within the 7 billion on the planet and not rely totally on the restrictive 500 million people in the UE’s single market that export to the nation more than importing from it. 4th, trade is a calculated risk and an adaptation to contemporary trends. Maintaining the status quo does not explore new opportunities for more profits.

  1. Rejecting leave without a deal is undemocratic to the democratic vote in the referendum to leave. When the nation chooses to go to war against the enemy, the elected senators should comply and accept the consequences, otherwise, the senators will be accused of treason and conspiring with the enemy.

The Queen’s deal is designed to lock the nation down in a Mexican stand-off to the point of no return, causing more delay, uncertainty, loss of investment and total destruction to the nation. The longer the Mexican stand-off remains the more, the UE benefits and indirectly keeps Baritania colonised and paying higher costs.

Finally, the queen narrowed down the options to leave without a deal or accept her bad one. However, there was no majority for either and the status quo remained, no decision and more delays waiting for the unknown.

We all learned from history that a castle’s siege to force it to surrender causes losses on both sides and it is wiser to cease the siege to avoid more losses.

However, there is always a high price to pay for total freedom, independence, and justice. When Baritania was an empire, one of its colonies had 50 states and they gained their independence by war and paid blood but look at them today; they became the greatest free nation on the planet blue. When Baritania will have the courage to take its freedom by force, it will become as great as the states she colonized when she was an empire. When people are free to fly like eagles in the sky, they become more powerful, but powerless when they are locked up in a cage.

  1. Delaying the Decision is like a castle under siege and a bird in a cage. It is the atrocity of the captive and oppressor oppressing the oppressed. Freedom is no longer given or granted. The bird must become a strong eagle to break its cage and fly free, the captives under siege in the castle must come out and fight for freedom, otherwise, they do not deserve it.

 Waiting for miracles or others to help or force majeure to happen, means we are prisoners in the dungeons waiting for angels to save us from the abyss and do not deserve our freedom. We are only free, when we break free, not waiting for the mercy of others to pity us and give us our freedom. I would rather be a lion hunting for my prey than being a fox feeding on the lion’s generosity or leftovers.

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