The more social you are, the more civilized you become.

Henri Maalouf

There are many parts or chapters in each Ecolism book that people could read or skip, depending on their interests. However, it is preferable that they understand all the Ecolism books and all chapters to gain an awareness of the alternatives to the standard ways of living. The concept is designed like a puzzle with many pieces; if one is missing, the picture is not complete.

I have researched some topics in more depth than others, for two reasons. The first is my lack of specialty in each matter and the second is to make it easier to read, without too much detail or technical jargon. However, subject-matter experts could follow my guidelines and help me to create entirely new ecosystems and Eco-principles by participating in forums on my website. My Ecolism books aim to build public awareness about the alternatives to our socio-economic systems that can at least protect the most vulnerable and end poverty.

Therefore, I would like my readers to take part in discussions and forums on my website ( and volunteer their ideas or expertise to help to create ethical systems to change human mentalities to more moral ones. We might be advanced in science, but are we progressive in fairer justice systems, morality, ethics, transparency, honesty and responsible freedoms? I doubt it.

The concept of the Eco-socio-economic system is to create a social ruling and economic system called Ecolism, which is better than capitalism, democracy, socialism, communism, religious doctrines and all other socio-economic systems.

Ecolism is the political philosophy of the Eco-socio- economic system, which acts as guiding principles for ethical and fairer regulatory conduct. Ecolism is a new word that can be added to the dictionary and is alternatively called Ecocracy, which is a new, reformed social democracy that is more ethical and Eco-friendlier.

The Eco-socio-economic system is mainly described in this book Ecolism 1 and in Ecolism 3.

However, it is complemented in Ecolism 2, which describes how to build Eco-city of one million Eco-homes for people to live an economic Eco-lifestyle. The four books outline the concept of how to live self- sufficiently in a sustainable human ecosystem unaffected by global or national economic turmoil, such as what happened during the recession of 2008.

The concept reduces the cost of living to the bare necessities, to the extent of eating from the edible garden surrounding the family’s Eco-home as a worst-case scenario. In Europe, there are social-welfare systems purposed to help the poor to survive when they have no income. However, the systems vary from one country to another and have never eliminated poverty or homelessness, nor have they provided a good living standard for everyone.

Countries spend billions on weapons of mass destruction and warfare, but much less on welfare. Corruption still exists in most countries; the elite few get the most, while the rest suffers the worst. The Ecolism books find a balance between the extremes of extravagant wealth and extreme poverty.

The Eco-city and the Eco-socio-economic system are designed to solve such unfair-minded social-welfare issues and much more. It not only saves billions on social-care budgets but also creates a more civilized and ethical Eco-welfare system.

An end to poverty, a higher living standard, peaceful living, responsible freedom and justice and equality for all are at the heart of the Eco-socio-economic system and Ecolism philosophy. I hope that one day, humans learn to live in perfect harmony among themselves, with no greed, selfishness, megalomania or imperialism; no wars or political and economic invasion of weaker countries to achieve world domination; and no extreme wealth for the elite few only.

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