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Japanese Eco cities Ecolism
Ecolism japanese eco cities

Japanese Domes for an Eco-village or Eco cities.

These domes can be constructed in many shapes and forms in few days.

Eco-city domes are just one of the ideas that could be utilized to build homes quickly, economically and more environmentally friendly.

If we cannot plant three trees before we cut one to build Eco-homes from timber, then the alternative is to build Eco- homes and cities similar to Japanese dome houses.

Cutting trees without replacement and destroying forestry reduces the CO2 consumption and negatively affects climate change. However, the Japanese dome houses use a specially designed expanded polystyrene (ESP) insulation for the walls and this material may not be environmentally friendly. Although this material is 98% air, it is still made from petrol, is non-recyclable and hazardous and ends up in landfill waste. This material can be replaced by polylactide (PLA) made from an organic source, hemp fiber or more environmentally friendly materials.

A dome house can be built in a few days, is assembled on site and it is effortless to learn how to build it. Therefore, building Eco-city could be done in less than a year.

We must explore alternatives to the traditional materials used in buildings to stop creating more damage to the environment. What scientists predicted 30 years ago about climate change has started to be very noticeable in the form of heat waves burning forests, giant tidal waves, a rise in the level of the ocean and melting the glaciers. Governments are influenced by business lobbyists, politics and money to stay in power at any cost and will never care or listen. It is up to people to become genuinely environmentally friendly in everything they buy, build or do, including voting for the right politicians.

However, most people either ignore it or do not care and will remain polluting the environment for years to come. I hope our civilization evolves quicker in the right direction before humans cause their own extinction.

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