Changing Lifestyle and Rebirth

Replace the miseries of your past with the dreams of your future to dictate the actions of your present.
Henri E. Maalouf

Some people are still living 2000 years behind the current times and still have the old indoctrinated programs in their minds. The laws change every day to adapt to modern living, circumstances and socio-economic systems, yet some traditions hardly change and adapt to modern days. It is time to change, time for rebirth, time to shed the old skin and allow it to regenerate a newer one. Life is a continuous evolution process, some remain primitive, others advance and change to be better.

For instance, a doctrine in the past was to wash the feet, private parts, armpits and hands only. People must understand why such a doctrine was created during that period. The water was scarce limited to a few wells, but today, humanity developed and no longer relies on a few wells of water. There are rivers, waterfalls, the sea, swimming pools, sauna, bathtubs, showers and people can clean the whole body instead of a few parts. So, let us not live the doctrine of an obsolete past, let us live with what is available today and think of a better future. Many similar things were right in the past but are no longer right today.

It may not be easy to change beliefs, habits, addictions, behavior or cultures but it is not impossible. Civilizations have changed from medieval times or the middle ages throughout the renaissance (French for rebirth) period from the 14th century to our modern world today. People changed from the emotional fear of an invisible God to logical thinking of realities and complying with modern laws.

Change may not happen overnight and takes a lot of effort but it happened to civilization throughout history and it could happen to any individual. The driver for change is a good objective, efforts and the right knowledge. It is important to understand how the human brain works to learn how people can change themselves.

In modern days, money helps the change but in its absence, there are simple ways that anyone can do without the need of having more money. There are many lectures, books and videos about the laws of attraction. If money helps to change, attract it to achieve goals. In any case, if money is an external influence for happiness, it is just a feeling and there is an internal influence that can trigger the same feeling. The human brain triggers the hormones of happiness that are influenced either externally or self-generated and not necessarily by money. Simple meditation, music, dancing, comedy, exercising, sex, healthy food, walking in sunny places, enjoying the beauty of nature and loving someone is something anyone can do to feel happy without narcotics or money.

The experiences in life convert to memories stored in the human brain since birth and throughout the interactions with societies. Sad memories trigger sad feelings, happy memories trigger happy feelings. As mentioned earlier, those memories are like a programing language for a computer program or phone App dictating certain functions or behavior. To put it simply, replace the program placed in your mind since birth with a new one just like a rebirth. Religions changed the direction of civilizations and so did the renaissance of the 14th century. So, change happened and is happening every day. Therefore, people must adapt, change themselves and have a rebirth.

Whereas computer programs are fixed, the human mind is an interactive biological program that could change and adapt to the environment or socio-economic system. The biological human brain differs from computers or robots by being emotional, creative, more adaptable to circumstances and improvements. Most people seek more wealth, power satisfaction or achieve goals. Hence, the struggle between the inherited program and the influence of the societies to change to a newer one is a continuous cycle.

Those who are still living in an inherited past, like an old program of an old computer, struggle to cope with modern civilization, therefore they must adapt and change. The past could have some ethical values that should not change and the present could have unethical ones or flaws that must change. It is challenging to pick and choose what to keep and what to discard. The world survived the atrocities of the past, poverty, oppression, domination of empires and injustices and changed. Some humans advanced, changed and no longer suffer from such a past but others are still following an old program, old traditions and old beliefs. Most people live the same dilemma as whether to remain living in past miseries or change and adapt to present prosperity and happiness.

In the 21st century civilization, the gap between the poor and rich is still wide and justices vary from dictatorships to fairness, freedom and equality. Changing must be based on ethics, whether it is inherited from the past, available in the present or envisaged in the future. People must be free to get richer but by ethical means. They must not build their palaces on the skulls of others like what happened in the Middle Ages. The Eco-ethical principles and Eco-human rights are a new religion and overriding laws that people must follow to change themselves preserving the ethical values of the past, present and future.

The scientific advances in the last 100 years are faster than the achievements in the past thousands of years. Conversely, the advancement in ethics is still running behind. So, not everything in the past was bad and not everything in the present is good. To be ethical people have to live an Eco-lifestyle and change the older one.

The poorer must not envy the richer but work hard ethically to get richer and learn how to be ethically rich. At the same time, the poorer must accept the reality that not everyone in the world can be equally rich. The richer have to invest and create jobs, the poorer need to work, earn and improve themselves. Few people sell products or services and many people need to buy or work to produce them. The point is, people could change but with limitations.

Karl Marx and others created the socialism ideology that the proletariat or workers equally own a factory or a company, but the idea failed, although it was the most humane, fair and ethical one. The flaw in such an ideology is that not everybody can be equal if they have an unequal contribution and unequal efforts cannot have equal rewards. The author’s logic says; equal contribution must have equal rewards.

The problem is evaluating what is considered as an equal contribution or has the same value. Accepting realities means do not envy the luckier ones, think of those who are in the worst situation than yours. Think of a sad past or failure as it was a necessary step to get you where you are now and motivation to change for the better.

Some have wealth but stealth problems. They could be rich but unhealthy, unloved or do not have the children they desire. Some rich even envy the poor for what they got and the rich cannot have. A satisfying job, marriage, sex, being healthy and happy having a loving family living in a decent Eco-lifestyle is all that people need.

No matter how poor you are, think of the billions on the planet Earth who are poorer living on a dollar a day, seeking food, water and shelter every day. But it does not mean you should accept the status quo or continue living in a miserable past or present. Be ambitious and seek progress. Life is just an evolution process and everyone must live the cycles of life in their ups and downs but must change to progress.

As people shower every day to clean their bodies, they must give themselves rebirth every day. Purify your thoughts each time you have negative ones. Renew yourself every day to recreate a better you as climbing a mountain keeps going till you reach the top, but understand your limits. In simple words, forget your poverty, forgive the ones who hurt you and satisfy yourself by dreaming to be rich, live rich in your thoughts, gratitude and dreams, ask for guidance then convert dreams to actions and be what you can be.

If wealth is the source of happiness, greed is not, it is an addiction. Happiness is just a feeling that can be triggered by many things. If you are not living in physical reality as you wish, live in virtual reality just the way you like it, the effect on your brain is the same. So, if you are not socially happy, no one can stop you from having happy thoughts. Just convince your mind that you are happy and the brain will behave accordingly. The universe or God will open new doors to enter a better place to become luckier and unexpected opportunities will come your way.

While waiting for your dreams to come true, adapt to your environment and make the best out of it. Convert your positive thoughts and ethical dreams into actions. Embark on a new journey in life as a more successful person. Some people can hurt your body but can never harm your soul. Some people could deprive you of your human rights but cannot deprive you of your dreams. Keep dreaming of positive outcomes and change yourself to make them realities. Keep fighting till your positive and ethical dreams come true, never give up, keep going.

If life is miserable during the day, dream of happiness before you sleep and live happily at night when you are asleep, no one would normally stop you from doing that. You might wake up one day and your dreams will guide you to new opportunities and success.

If you are religious, pray to your God to guide you to the right path and have faith that one day, God will listen to your prayers and show you the way to success. God will not hand you wealth on a silver plate but will show you the way to work and earn it. Successful people work hard to make some of their dreams become reality. It is not enough to dream.

You might not win the highest lottery prize but if you are happy and in a good lucky mood, you might win something better than nothing. If you are sad all the time, you will never have that chance to win anything at all. Happiness is just a feeling and it does not have to be money, sex, tasty food, power or any other earthly desires. Happiness is in the soul and mind, not the needs of the body. The body feels external influences to affect the brain but also the brain, with the right thoughts, affects external influences. So, if external influences were negative, let your brain reject them and replace them with positive ones to resist them.

There are many ways to trigger happiness, which are discussed in the following sections, try one of them. If you are depressed, do not take an anti-depressant, perhaps, you could go on holiday, visit family, friends or go to an event, music concert, watch a comedy or pleasant movie, go on a scary roller coaster ride for an adrenalin rush or an adventure. Retired people like me occupy themselves by writing, listening to music and before falling asleep I call upon imaginary angels to guide me and enlighten me to a better journey and purpose in life. Anyone can easily do that and more.

Build your castle in your dreams before you sleep or if you are daydreaming, build it virtually and write down every detail on how to build it. Consider it a project and you are the project manager. Imagine workers are working for you and you are instructing them to build your castle. Forget about money for now. Many great ideas started small or were sold to investors and turned out to be a great success. Super rich people who own Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and others started very small and became the wealthiest in the 21st century.

To change yourself, learn how to reprogram your mind. Do not rely on some politicians to program your mind and obey their dictatorship. Many leaders still dictate what soldiers should do and send them to wars to die. Many religions still brainwash their followers by the fear of a punishing God but actually, they do not differ from politicians playing on the emotions of weak minds.

The following sections describe a few methods about ethical affirmations using either meditation, prayer or self-hypnotherapy and so on. These methods are not based on fear by a God in the afterlife or the reincarnation in the next one or the punishment of the laws. Instead, it is self-awareness and scientific evidence on how to change oneself not only to become more ethical but also to improve the social status or wealth.

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