Part 1

Part 1

Preface to Ecolism

Ecolism is a new philosophy based on living in an Eco-environment complying with the ethical Eco-principles for a new Eco-socio-economic system based on sustainable self-sufficiency in Eco-cities or countries.

The Eco-socio-economic system is a new social and economic system that follows the Ecolism’s Eco-principles. The aim is to ensure self-sufficiency, sustainability, greener environment, ending poverty and creating a peaceful, compassionate societies living in a sustainable human ecosystem.

The Eco-Magna-Carta is the same as the Eco-socio-economic system but applied on smaller communities and does not oppose any national socio-economic system. In other words, following the moral values of any religion or just rules on a family, community, town, or Eco-city.

The Eco-principles are the guidelines for all laws and rules on the planet. The books in the Ecolism series are revolutionary guidelines for changing everything people do more ethically. There some Eco-principles in this book, much more in Ecolism 3 – Eco-Principles and lifestyle and other publications. The essence of the Eco-principles is responsible freedom, equality, justice, moral and ethical mentalities, caring, loving and sharing. In a nutshell a cleaner living environment, fairer justice and a better human right for everyone on the planet.

In my Ecolism series of books, there are unfamiliar words such as Ecolism, Ecolist, Ecocracy and the prefix “Eco-” hyphenated with other words. All of them mean more ethical, environmentally friendly, fairer practices, or just regulations.

Ecocracy is a new name given to the new Eco-socio-economic system as an alternative to democracy, capitalism and any other socio-economic system.

Ecolist is the person who follows Ecolism’s principles or Ecocracy and lives as a member of the Eco-society in any country or village.

Eco means environmentally friendly as defined by English dictionaries. But in my concept of Ecolism, it means much more. It changes everything humans do to more moral and ethical practices.

Eco-xxx is a prefix used as a noun-adjective to describe an attribute of an act or a noun. Contrary to the Oxford dictionary that starts in small letter, in this new concept, it is capitalised to mean a brand name or an ethical new religion that changes everything humans do to become more ethical, environmentally friendly, honest, caring, responsibly free and morally civilised. The concept is also about living in a more sustainable self-sufficient ecosystem for humans in communities, towns, Eco-cities, countries and continents.

The Eco-xxx examples in the Ecolism books are similar to Eco-governance, Eco-agriculture, Eco-industries, Eco-businesses, Eco-judge etc.