Ukraine Conspiracy Winners and Losers 

Ukraine war is savage but, No price is too high to pay for freedom and why does anyone has to pay a price? 
Henri Maalouf 

May peace fall upon Ukraine and the rest of the world, and prevent Nuclear World War 3.

Is using Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia to destroy it and create a new world order, a conspiracy theory, or a fact?

I wish Ukraine, Russia and the USA go back to the Budapest agreement in 1994 and Ukraine must not have any nuclear weapon or program or use its Uranium for that purpose. A START III agreement must start A.S.A.P before it gets out of control and more destruction to humanity happens.

Two women claimed a child. King Solomon said cut the child in two and give each mother one half. The actual mother screamed don’t kill the child give it to the other claimer. The wise King Solomon ordered: The woman who screamed to save the child is the genuine mother, give it to her.

Is Zelensky the president of Ukraine a genuine mother or as wise as King Solomon? He sacrificed his people to gain the passion of the west, act as a war hero and increase the western hatred of an adversary’s superpower! The bitter truth is Ukraine had already been destroyed beyond repair for decades and the cold WW3 started. The poor will get poorer while the elite few will drown in their wealth and steal what is not theirs, eliminating true equality among all humankind. Are humans civilized yet? Including the ones who caused the war and those who were compelled to fight for their security and survival.

Would Zelensky the president of Ukraine make peace with Russia, like the Budapest agreement of 1994, live to fight another day, and save over 10 million Ukrainian women and children? Why is sacrificing all the Ukrainian people to please the USA and the EU who are using him as a pawn in their chess game against Russia? Why pursue nuclear power and at what cost?

Would Ukraine become East and West Berlin as to what happened in 1949? Ukraine’s infrastructure was already destroyed; they became beggars in the west. The USA did not even open its doors to Ukrainian refugees although they can accommodate all the 10 million! Recently Biden said we take 100,000 out of over 3.5 million left Ukraine and said we will pay 1 billion to countries who are helping them, Yeah talk is easy, read the conditions. NATO can brag all they like, create war propaganda and hatred but they cannot attack Russia or intercept their hypersonic missiles that can hit any European capital and any American city. Are they playing daredevil for a nuclear WW3?

I have a solution. Why don’t Biden and Putin physically fight like the old kings, the winner controls both armies? mmm but that’s old fashion man.

Okay cocky, let us modernize the fight. Let them create a video game that represents the actual weapons capabilities and see who wins.

But if they insist on getting real, well, let them fight each other directly in the sea without Ukraine as a proxy war between them and killing innocent citizens. This way, their soldiers die and it will be a fairer fight and destroy all their warships without killing innocent people. It will be sad poor soldiers will die, but what the heck, they are programmed to do this job.

The advantage of fighting each other in the sea is they destroy all their nuclear weapons but sadly they kill all the fish. It does not work for me I love my fishes, especially eating them..

The tragedy in Ukraine, the narrative, the drama, the bragging about the power to kill and destroy the planet are uncivilized realities. They would rather sacrifice 44 million Ukrainians. But what do they expect from the end results? Do they expect Russia to crumble or surrender to the USA? If Putin goes, another will rise and the megalomania of world domination will repeat itself. NATO cannot conquer the largest land on the planet, especially Russia has hypersonic missiles, 6355 nuclear warheads and the rest of the mass destruction weapons. But they both brag about their destructive capabilities and play the daredevil game. Isn’t better to destroy all the weapons and spend their money to eliminate poverty instead, and become more civilized? Why is everybody lying nowadays? Why do the Americans always want to kill somebody or destroy a country and people support them instead of people march for peace, instead soldiers are marching for death and destruction?

Why do people have to pay a high price for their freedom? The answer is simple; the oppressors are not ethically civilized yet. But what drives the oppressor to oppress is many root causes. It could be simply; a psychological disorder of megalomania for domination and wealth. But also, if a leader was threatened, he could become an offensive oppressor and try to eliminate the threat. In other words, a peaceful leader could start a war, fight and destroy if his survival was threatened. The point is, there are root causes for actions and we have to judge if the cause justifies the action and who pays the cost?.

Now, let us discuss the Russians invading Ukraine and the root causes. Who is the angel and who is the actual devil? Ukraine is supported by the USA and sort of supported by NATO and the EU. Of course, NATO has eyes in the sky to give the Ukrainian advantage to defend themselves efficiently. Otherwise, they will be blind. And Russia, well, it is supported by hypersonic missiles that can hit London in five minutes or destroy any U.S warship or reach New York and it is difficult to intercept! Duh. It travels so fast it can’t be detected before impact. Wake up boys, no one wins in a nuclear war. So, why keep provoking Russia? Why does NATO want to destroy Russia and create a new world’s order to dominate the world? Why Pile more weapons on the Russian borders? Of course, if you play the daredevil game when the genie comes out of the battle, it will be too late mate.

Russia has the world’s largest arsenal of 6357 nuclear missiles. These include 527 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles, Silos, and strategic bombers. ICBMs can get up to a top speed of four miles per second in about ten minutes after launch, meaning the horrifying weapons might reach the UK from Russia within 20 minutes and a hypersonic missile takes 5 minutes. NATO calculates that by piling more interception missiles and fighter jets on Russian borders they “could” take them out before hitting any target! But how about miscalculation, even if they have the spying satellites and planes in the air?

The Russian R-36M (SS-18 Satan) is the world’s longest-range ICBM with a range of 16,000km. the R-36M is also the heaviest ICBM in the world. Next is the Chinese with hyper-sonic and long-range missiles. The third is the US, UK and France Titan and Trident missiles launched from submarines. So, please do the math, it is not an easy win for NATO and peace is the best option, even if Ukraine has to be a neutral zone instead of dragging NATO into WWIII. It is wiser to count your losses, live to fight another day instead of annihilating humanity. Keep your missiles to fight aliens when they decide to invade the planet.

The nuclear warheads in NATO are as follows; in the USA 5,550, France 290, UK 225, Israel 90, which totals to 6155 facing Russia possessing 6,357 nuclear missiles, not to mention the hyper-sonic ones. China has 350, Pakistan 165 India 156 and North Korea about 40 which is 6966 nuclear warheads could support Russia. In a World War III conflict, countries will be forced to take sides. So, there are over 13000 nuclear warheads enough to destroy every village, town, and city in the world and kill at least 2bn people. It takes only 100 nuclear warheads to destroy all the major cities on the planet and push the 21st -century civilization back to the stone age. No internet dams it. No Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google! That is a real disaster for humanity. Ha bloody ha…

Is this what the Americans are pushing the Russians to do? Are they so arrogant and believe they can destroy Russia, dominate the planet and create a new world order based upon their image, playing God? They could not even win in Afghanistan! All it takes is two missiles to slip through NATO defenses hit New York and Los Angeles to collapse the whole US economy in less than 30 minutes. Especially, if Russia launches its MACH 9 Zircon that travels at 7,000mph hypersonic nuke missile, which can change its erratic trajectory and evade NATO’s defense systems. This is not to mention many other weapons of mass destruction.

Let us remember what happened in Israel on a small scale. They created the Iron Dome advanced defense system. The system intercepts and destroys short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 kilometers. Palestinians in Gaza fired rockets at the Israelis. The Iron Dome Defense Systems intercepted most of them but few slipped through the net and hit Israeli civilians. Now, if World War III is going to happen, it is not David versus Goliath. It is two giants fighting each other, and it takes a few missiles to slip through the defensive systems to destroy major cities like New York and Moscow.

Does the Ukrainian president Zelensky understand why NATO will not directly fight with him? Of course, he cannot comprehend the outcome of World War III. When a president’s background is a comedian or actor, how could he understand strategies, the chess game and who are the pawns played by kings and queens? Bravery is an ancient honor. But in the 21st century, the big players use the bravery of others for their end games. Do millions have to be displaced and an entire country destroyed for someone to win make more money and another to lose? Is humanity peaceful and civilized yet? Of course not.

So why are the Americans provoking Russia, which is a super nuclear power of mass destruction? Do they really think they will win in a nuclear war? They made no country better by creating wars. They caused just destruction and chaos. What makes the West think they can destroy a superpower country like Russia that has the largest land on the planet? I believe they are delusional and poor people are pawns in their chess game. Only poor people pay the price.

The invasion of Russia to Ukraine is like the USA when they invaded Iraq and other countries. It is a chess game between two superpowers. Russia did not punish the USA-UK for invading Iraq using the pretext that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which they have never been found or proven. Duh.. it is always a big lie and people believe the media.

Let us applaud the USA and NATO for sanctioning Russia and stealing/sanctioning the rich Russians. Hail, hail USA, well done USA checkmating Russian wealth! But, awe, my heart bleeds for the poor Ukrainians. They are the pawns in this chess game paying a hefty price. It is even worse for the clever Europeans being fools in this game, they got paranoid and were forced into paying NATO more money, buying more weapons and future liquid gas from the great savior of the universe, the USA, the Archangel of protection. God bless the USA and no one else on the planet. How discriminatory and racist is God? No one else matters on this planet except the USA.

When the U.S. president Biden met with the EU behind closed doors, they came out and Biden said, we agreed to sell the EU 15 billion cubic meters of liquid gas to stop the Russian supplies and he did not even mention Ukraine! Do the Ukrainians understand it is only business, not democracy, values, freedom and the rest of the narrative?

I am not defending Putin and an oppressive regime. I write my books of Ecolism against oppression, including the oppressive laws of democracy. But poor Putin and the rich Russian oligarchs who are deprived of being rich like the Americans! The rich Russians invested their money in the west, but they are friends of Putin, Umm. NATO decided, let us sanction them and steal their money, whoopee, we can get richer. Look at the bright side, banning gas and petrol from Russia to Europe is good for the environment and renewables. But, hey; the USA is going to dig more rocks for shale gas to sell liquid gas to Europe. Great idea, let us ban Russia from selling gas and petrol so that we sell at a higher price. Oh yeah, let the USA get richer and make others poorer.

In this situation, the Americans will sell more weapons, wheat and liquid gas to Europe, but Russians! Oh no, it is forbidden, it is blasphemy. Hey, if it is forbidden for others, it is good for the USA, duh. The petrol price goes up and the poor consumer always pays the price. It is business as usual, nothing new, phew. The American president Biden said Oh we are OK; we have petrol and we can drill for more. But oh my God, poor Europeans have no gas and they have to buy from Russia. Oh, mu, no can do boo, No, they are not allowed, the international order forbids them, they are only allowed to buy from the USA. This is our international law and it is final. Well, it is a sham mam.

We are American archangels of the universe and we can sell to the EU liquid gas; they do not have to buy from the devil, even if they freeze to death. We have issued 9000 licenses to drill all over the USA to extract shale gas, even if it causes earthquakes and pollutes the environment, shrug, shrug we do not care, we want more money man. The archangels can make the devil poorer by forbidding him of his revenue and even stealing any money he got or his friends. It is American and western justice; we make the law. Hey, poor Ukrainians no longer have homes. What is their fault, dude? Umm, wait a minute, drilling more for shale gas! Ouch. It is bad for the environment and goodbye renewables. I am really sad. So much for the COP26 agreement and the following ones in the future.

Selling more weapons of mass destruction to Europe and everybody spends more money on warfare instead of welfare! Wow, how civilized the western civilization has become. They have gone to outer space seeking paradise but created hell on earth and poor people pay the price. It is forbidden for anybody other than the USA to get richer. The U.S. international law and order protect NATO allies because they pay money, dude, but those who do not pay the USA, spit them out, let them die. Democracy, values, equality and freedom are the USA and EU law and order. Really, there is no equality and freedom for all on the planet, there is the freedom of the USA and its allies to deprive others of their freedom and wealth.

Poor Ukrainians were naïve to believe in the promises of the EU and NATO. They are just pawns in their chess game. The USA and Germany, through their agents, paid and encouraged the Ukrainians to protest and remove their pro-Russian leader because of corruption, oppression, this and that lab, lab la. They said to the Ukrainians, hey, you are living in hell come to our paradise, join NATO, we protect you, join the EU we give you money. We will fight the Russian devils with you and get you out of their hell. Eight years later, the naïve Ukrainians never received money or the necessary defense fighter jets or patriot missiles, neither became an EU member state nor joined NATO to be protected by big mama. Well mate, they have no dough bro. No mon no fun for a sad sun.

The Russian president Putin was not happy but who cares, he is not American, duh. He does not obey U.S law and order, Oops, he is the criminal enemy! Let me play the devil’s advocate here. Putin told the West, hey you are suffocating me, surrounding me, piling more nuclear weapons on my borders, moving your navy ship’s destroyers closer to me, creating chemical and biological labs in Ukraine…why such action gives you the satisfaction of my destruction? You are doing that to have more advantage of destroying Russia! Umm, will see about that. Please, it is a red line, stop NATO expansion, do not cross my red line, or else. Well, dude, if the USA stops military expansion, how could it justify the rising military defense budget to more than $800bn in 2023 and sell more weapons to NATO members? Wars and weapons are a profitable business, dude.

The Americans did not listen to Putin’s warning. They played the daredevil game and said No, no can do, we will finish you, Na na na na… Zelensky, the x-comedian, the super brave Ukrainian president shouted, hey, I want to join NATO and the EU, even if it causes World War III and we fight until the last Ukrainian dies. Hey dude, maybe you are ready to die but the rest of the world is not, don’t be silly Zelly. Kamala Harris, the US vice president, said yeah, it is a good idea to join NATO but there are terms and conditions, read the small print, the EU said the same to join the EU. What can poor Zelensky do? Ukraine is 44 million and has a large Russian border, very strategic, you know, other NATO members are tiny small nations but joined NATO a long time ago, bro. But now the red line is drawn, it is too late mate. It is time for a checkmate. Whether it is Biden or Putin, does any of them tell the truth about the true intentions of any confrontation? Or do the media and their pretext narratives playing on people’s emotions, tell the truth and the root causes of the war? None would do.

The USA and the EU provoked Russia in a well-planned chess game. They plotted and weaponized Ukrainians against Russians to provoke them and create war. Yes, dear, peel your eyes wide open to see the truth behind it all, do not be a walking zombie, believing what you hear, without knowing the root causes of the Russian invasion.

What was the narrative to invade Iraq? Remember, weapons of mass destruction! Really, did they find any? I believe they found and protected some petrol they can use at that time. Maybe invading Afghanistan to topple the Taliban government was justified because of the 9/11 attacks on the commercial twin towers. But, did the USA burn the poppy fields? Nah, lots of opium there. Profitable business and needed U. S. protection. Well, it is a standard prescription drug for the depressed, lots of money from opiate drugs, not to mention the addictions. Is this why the systems depress people to buy drugs? Oh, dear, oh dear. If you only know the truth.

All that Putin asked is to stop NATO expansion and make Ukraine a neutral zone, otherwise invading Ukraine is on the way. So, why the no, no, can-do attitude, dude? So, who was the root cause of starting the war in Ukraine? If you are naïve to believe what you hear and do not see what goes on behind closed doors, then you are ignorant.

The problem with people is living in a small bubble and cannot see what is inside other bubbles. They do not detect politicians’ lies, motives and believe their narratives or poky pie stories. If you are touched by the drama you hear from the media, people dying, fleeing lab, lab la, blaming the invader not those who caused the invasion, then please consult a psychiatrist. I am not saying it is not sad and drama but who caused it and provoked an invader seeking protection from NATO expansion? And why blame the invader, not the provocateur who caused the invasion for the world domination game?

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and nationalist radical factions killed allegedly 13000 in the Donbass region in the last 8 years, but no media was interested to cover it, although they like the drama, Ah. The US agents kept stirring the Ukrainians to provoke the Russians until they were pissed off. This is including Senator Lindsay who went to Ukraine telling the soldiers your fight with the Russians is our fight. Well, I did not see him carrying a gun and fighting with them! Note: there are video clips for him and saying other childish things on records. Well, what’s new in the aggressive mentality of the Americans!

The assumed or accused of being a red devil got furious, perhaps had a bottle of Tabasco hot pepper sauce with a bottle of vodka, got high, lost his temper, underestimated the Ukrainians and opened the gates of hell on them. Poor Ukrainians expected a promised paradise by being NATO and EU members, they received hell. The brave Ukrainian president decided to be a war hero not to be zero and fight till death! I wonder; who is behind him making a comedian war hero! Who brainwashed him? Who promised him power? who programmed him to fight and destroy his nation to please their agenda?

He assumed the pretend archangels of NATO will come to the rescue. But sadly, they said; keep fighting, we are behind you. Hey, I want you with me not behind me! I am fighting a giant here. But no no my dear, it is too risky for us, damn it, we could die, but it is ok for you to die defending your freedom! Oh really.

Sadly, the Ukrainian infrastructure was destroyed, millions of women and children were forced to leave their homes, displaced and migrated. The EU quickly welcomed their European brothers and sisters, unlike most migrants from past wars created by the USA, when the EU made it difficult to accept them or give them visas. Well, they are not Europeans, duh! They are not equal to human beings!

The media played the drama queen role, following the usual narratives, shaming Putin’s atrocities, the brutality and so on. The irony is when Julian Assange exposed the U.S. soldiers’ atrocities in Iraq, he was judged for treason and spying. They destroyed his life. The atrocities of Guantanamo Bay treating prisoners were all justified as combatants of war. Of course, it is the American law, created upon their double standard image. It is like the Medusa with many faces and heads.

The UK did not even make it easy to give the Ukrainian humanitarian emergency refugee visas in the beginning; they created complicated processes and excuses to let in as little as possible. But then everybody named and shamed them, they said yeah, if a British has a spare room, we pay £350/month to help a Ukrainian family. Eventually, they started to do the right thing slowly with a confusing system purposely delaying the process, as usual. What’s new, Boo? But look at the bright side, they supported the Ukrainians to fight and die for their freedom, independence and democracy! Duh… Go, go we are behind you, push, push and die for your freedom we are supporting you but keeping distance, just in case we get shot.

It is a pattern and repetitive scenario; the USA with the EU and the UK create wars in other countries. They support factions or rebels or a government with weapons to provoke others and orchestrate wars. They use their imaginations to create pretexts for various factions to fight each other. Sometimes it is religion other times ideologies, ethnic cleansing, alliances, claiming territories and so on.

Some people became refugees and the ones who caused them hesitated to help them. In the Ukrainian war, Poland took more than 2million refugees much more than anyone else did, they did more than they could, how many refugees did the USA take? Zero. They hardly allow desperate Latinos to enter the USA, except for their narcotics! Duh. Although Biden pledged to take 100,000, let us see if it happens or how many forms they have to fill, get vetted and pay the cost to travel to the USA.

The USA, NATO, EU and UK; said we will punish the assumed devil for you by starving him. We will do all that we can without aggravating him too much to avoid a war of mass destruction and the annihilation of humanity. The British sent small rockets launchers to Ukraine and probably hired cartel gangs to smuggle them across borders, pretending it is humanitarian aid, but half of them disappeared and are used for commercial purposes, apparently!

That reminds me, when the U.S. Congress asked the CIA, hey, we gave you one billion dollars to pay fighters to kill ISIS terrorists. Why has nobody done it, damn it? The answer was, they took the money and ran away, Yabba Dhaba Doo and Ha bloody Ha, it is a likely story. So, patterns of war beneficiaries keep re-occurring, as you can see in the movies. Well, dude, draw your conclusions as you should. Why do wars start in the first place? Who are the main war mongers’ beneficiaries and who is paying the price?

The Ukrainian president said; hey the devil is throwing at us fireballs falling from the sky killing our people, can’t you create a no-fly zone and stop those fireballs falling and burning us? NATO said, no no can do, we risk the super fireballs of hell falling on all of us, but we will retaliate if the red devil crosses 1 inch of NATO members’ lands. Sorry, you are neither member of NATO nor the EU, so, no, no can do. Hey, NATO, you are cowards pretending to be Archangels, you encouraged Ukraine to open the gates of hell, pushed them into its fire but ran away from the wrath of the assumed devil.

All that NATO can do is impose more sanctions on Russia to make them lose their main revenue from fossil fuel and cut them off from the prosperous western economy besides the cost of war. Also, prevent them from eating McDonald’s Burgers. Look at the bright side, it is healthier for the Russians, not eat the fanning and unhealthy burgers. Western companies for luxuries shut their operations in Russia. Hey, the Russians were communists and are used to hardship and an economic lifestyle. The west is losing businesses mate and will suffer from inflation!

Let us walk backward in history and remember the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hey, peel your eyes wide open to remember the past, assess the present, and predict a future. The Russian federation recovered after it collapsed. Russia is a superpower that possesses weapons of mass destruction. Do not push them to use it, retaliate and annihilate humanity.

Russia has the largest land on the planet, how could you conquer them if you could not even last in Afghanistan? They can still sell weapons, gas, petroleum, minerals, diamonds, gold, wheat to neutral countries or some of their allies which form half the planet. The USA can deprive them of the precious American dollar, but that will force them to create and use a digital currency like Bitcoin, Toncoin, or any bloody coin and survive or even agree with China, India, Brazil and others on a new BRICS currency and trade deals.

Even if the Americans win and conquer Russia, one way or another, any mother focker can recover. The world recovered from World War I, World War II, the 2008 recession, COVID-19, and even if one billion dies from a nuclear war, the rest will survive and recover. People will have sex, produce more offspring, multiply and rebuild a newer civilization. Maybe this filthy civilization must be destroyed to rebuild a more peaceful or a newer and more ethical one. Or a paradise on earth.

Why naïve people cannot see that the major winner of the warfare between the Russians and the Ukrainians, are the Americans? The USA has gained more influence in Europe. They sold and will sell more weapons and gas to Europe and benefit from the misery of the Ukrainians’ war and the poverty of the Russians. It is a brilliant game, creating the illusion and the narrative of an evil, formidable superpower enemy like Russia. Provoke them to fight and blame them for fighting to prevent an existential threat by piling weapons on their borders. Honestly, if the USA wins, who will be next on their agenda? Is it China? India? Brazil? Europe?

The Germans suddenly agreed to buy liquid gas from the USA, although it is very expensive, not affordable and has no silos to store it! Also, buy weapons worth 100Bn Euro, increase the GDP to contribute more to NATO. Poland increased their contribution to 3% of their GDP and ordered F16 fighter jets, Patriot missiles and other European countries will contribute more and buy more weapons from the USA. The U.S. Army will have a higher budget for weapons of mass destruction exceeding $800bn/year. Petrol and gas prices got much higher and the climate change project is on hold again. Awe.

The dream of the EU to split from NATO is shattered. Germans and French were dreaming of building an EU army and reviving the glory of a modern Hitler and a new Napoleon based on the image of Macron! They are fools to think they can catch up with creating over 6000 nuclear warheads and other weapons of mass destruction as much as the USA and Russia already have! They did not calculate that Russia would attack and did not think that the USA would provoke Russia to attack. But the USA did. Now they have to pay more money to NATO and buy from the glorious protecting Archangel, the USA. Well done the USA, you will make much more money by creating a narrative for everyone to hate and be afraid of the powerful enemy Russia.

NATO wanted to install more nuclear weapons on Russian borders to provoke and threaten their security to have the advantage of destroying Russia one day. The EU and the USA supported the independence of the Baltic states and Ukraine in the name of democracy, freedom, and so on. But this time Russia invaded Ukraine to stop NATO’s expansion and their control of more countries surrounding Russia. But everybody cries for the Ukrainians’ holocaust, exodus, genocide and no one blames the actual devil who caused it all! Draw your rational conclusion if you are not brainwashed by the narratives, propaganda and emotions. Get out of your bubble and see all sides of the arguments, root causes, motives, winners and losers. Assume the conspiracies theories are true.

There is no difference between the Russian and the EU/USA regimes. Both force member states to lose their sovereignty, the first by force and the later by persuasion. The Russians’ method of governance and loss of sovereignty is oppressive and forceful without people’s consent. The EU, led by Germany and France, cleverly persuades member states to sign a treaty to surrender their sovereignty and obey the European Court of Justice. The Americans do not bother about the details and treaties, they drag you to war to surrender and obey, otherwise face death if you do not pay. They act like the Japanese Yakuza or the Italian Mafia.

So, Russia uses an oppressive regime. Okay, assassination and their killing machine to control other countries and forcefully appoint Pro Russian governors. The USA uses international law, which was created upon their image, no one else matters! And it is in the name of the assumed democracy, freedom, international order… If a country dares not to obey The US God, hell will break loose on them. Simply, they make them fight each other to instate an obedient government.

The EU is a bit more civilized; they make other countries sign a controlling treaty to surrender their sovereignty and resources, otherwise starve to death, as they did to Greece when tried to leave the EU. I am sorry that I am impartial, not biased, or affected by what I see or hear without substantial evidence from all sides. I do not see major differences in the outcome of domination. The three systems of the USA, Russia, and the EU are oppressive domination of other smaller countries in one form or another. But some have lesser assumed freedoms than others.

In the 21st century, there is no price too high to pay for freedom and this caused the Baltic states to get their independence from the Soviet Union and the UK to leave the EU. But getting independence from one socio-economic or political system and joining another to depend on the new one is not independence! Say this to the Scottish who want to leave the UK to join the EU claiming that they get their independence! Hey, do you have a sound mind? It is simply changing handlers, duh. The Russians’ system does not win the hearts and minds of people, they possess their bodies and control their minds. The EU possesses the hearts, controls the minds and uses the bodies for profits. But the USA possesses the revenue or people’s money. It is like the old Mafia, pay or die. All of them are users and abusers in one way or another.

The mockery is that the US did not win in Afghanistan; the Taliban came back to power after 20 years of fighting. In Iraq, Iran is controlling the country and in Syria, the same regime is still in power. In Lebanon, the pro-Iranian proxies “Shia ‘a” influences politics after it was controlled by the Christians. This is not to mention Vietnam, North Korea and many Latino countries that the USA failed to control, although they imposed sanctions. The result of a war is always destruction, chaos and retarding a civilization to a100 years backward. Is it civilized to create wars for any reason? If you know the truth, many secretive details and have a sound logical mind, you will conclude it is an international conspiracy for more wealth by the elite few, control and the megalomania of world domination. Sometimes, I wonder which elite organization is behind it all?

The Western allies always unite and take part in the same narrative advocating democracy and freedom. They create the illusion of an enemy and a great threat to their world order and international law. It is a pity; how naïve people are to believe the narrative and cannot see the conspiracy behind it. NATO encouraged the Ukrainians to fight a superpower country 1000 times more powerful than them but did not fight with them! Umm. They were the proxy war between Russia and the USA and they did not know, they were just pawns in a chess game like many others before them.

NATO promised support to the Ukrainians only if they go to war with Russia, fight, die and never surrender. NATO will not fight for the Ukrainians but give them small weapons just enough to survive a little longer to delay the inevitable destruction. How naïve are people to believe that fighting against a country that is 1000 times more powerful will lead to victory? Even if victory happens, the country is already destroyed and will never recover in decades to come, The same scenario happened in other countries.

Are humans civilized yet? I am not talking about those who were cornered and forced to defend themselves. I am talking about those who are the root causes of wars. And those who benefit from creating wars. It is a chess game for the masters and the rest are just pawns in their game. If Zelensky the president of Ukraine, the president of Ukraine, was a true diplomat, not from a comedian and acting background, who wanted to be a war hero, he would have understood the chess game and played a peaceful move to live and fight another day It will end up losing Donbass region and Crimea in any scenario. But at what cost? It could have been avoided.

The USA and the UK pushed Poland to give Ukraine fighter jets to give them a better advantage in their fight. But the Polish Prime Minister was a smart diplomat who understood the game and said I would give the fighter jets via a US base and not directly from my borders. The US army command center, the Pentagon, rejected the idea and changed their minds because they know it leads to WWIII!

The truth is, there are no winners even if it appears to be there are losers. One-day destruction takes years to rebuild and it will never be the same. Civilizations become less civilized forced to fight as wild animals do. But wild animals kill for food, humans do not have to. Otherwise, what is the difference between humans and wild animals?

I believe the silent cold of WW3 has already started from Ukraine and the world will never be the same again. But imagine a small miscalculation, a mistake, an angry general launches a nuclear missile to hit a Ukrainian target in Northern Ukraine and lands in Poland instead. What would NATO do? Would they escalate and retaliate? If they do, it will lead to a hot destructive World War 3. What happens if the Russians use other forms of chemical or biological weapons? The Russians will not leave the border territories they occupied and if the Ukrainians insist on recovering their territories, the war will drag on for years. It is better to compromise, live to fight another day, save the displaced millions of Ukrainian.

Only peaceful people are civilized and countries who spend on welfare instead of warfare are civilized. The monks who resist the earthly temptations of money, power, evil desires and wars are civilized and everyone else who possesses the same characteristics is civilized, too. Are humans civilized yet? Maybe some are and rare but the rest are not and even those who say they are. When a civilized, peaceful nation is forced to go to war, it becomes uncivilized. But either they lose their freedom, compromise and surrender or they die fighting for their freedom.

The devil could be evil but at least you know that evil. What is worse than such evil is those who pretend to be angels and push you to the devil’s hell. They are hyenas dressed in beautiful unicorn skin. They have white skin but dark hearts. It is better to be with dark skin but a white heart. They promise paradise but deliver hell.

People must wake up and visualize what is behind the narrative if they open their eyes to see, ears to listen and minds that can understand the conspiracies. May peace prevails and our civilization leaps to a higher ethical plane of existence that is free of greed. May all humankind live in a paradise on earth where everyone is truly free and equality among all is the currency for people to exchange among them.

 My comments, Why the superpowers do not destroy the 13000 nuclear warheads and other weapons of mass destruction and create peace on earth?

Why the money spent on warfare is not spent on welfare, eliminating poverty, being ethically civilized and all are equally free?

The civilized ones agree with me, we live in a filthy civilization, superpower nations full of greed for money at any inhumane cost and are diseased with the megalomania of domination and you know the rest…

Henri Maalouf

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