Message to World Leaders

The Eco-solution for the COVID-19 Aftermath

COVID-19 proved that my Ecolism concept is the best solution to protect economies and human wellbeing.

COVID-19 proved that the Ecolism concept is the best solution to protect economies and the human wellbeing.  Each Eco-city can shut its gates and survive a virus pandemic or economic recession. Building a self-sufficient and sustainable Eco-city of 1 million Eco-homes, expandable to 3 million, to accommodate 3 to 9 million people, in large countries, is imperative national security and each Eco-city could become the size of London.

However, the difference between an old city and a new one; is similar to an old car falling to pieces, keep repairing it costs more than buying a new one that does need repairs.

Each prefabricated Eco-home costs about $100k and the interest payment is $125 to $250/month at an interest rate of 1.5 to 3%. The welfare system should pay it for the unemployed but when people are employed, then they can and  must  repay the loans.

Although each Eco-city could cost about $ 120bn, it can be privately financed, provided that governments would guarantee the interests on Eco-homes’ loans. It is much less than what governments borrowed to revive the economy in a pandemic or recession. Al least, the borrowed money can  be  paid back, employ the unemployed and revive the economy quicker.

The following suggestions are an example of what could be done to counteract future recessions.

How to build Eco-city without borrowing:

  • Any government, national trust, royal family, a corporate or rich person may donate or lease public or private land on which to build an Eco-city and its surrounding Eco-industries.
  • A government can guarantee to  pay the interest on the mortgage loans for those who are on social welfare  benefits or unemployed. It  is lesser than paying them for any rent or the costs of living. Financing Eco-homes must be open to any investor, great or small, who accepts a 1.5 to 3% guaranteed return on their  investment. And governments could borrow at a much cheaper interest rate to help buying Eco-homes.
  • Charities, housing associations, lotteries, and businesses can participate in helping people to buy Eco- homes in Eco-cities.
  • Industries could buy Eco-homes for their employees to ensure their loyalties and help them to repay the mortgaged Eco-homes.
  • The government spending cost per head should follow the people who will live in the Eco-city, to spend on its infrastructure and public services or social welfare.
  • The government should license the Eco-industries and Eco-businesses to operate in the Eco-city, only if they pay local taxes, employ the locals, and train them in the required skills, otherwise, their licenses should be revoked.
  • Eco-industries and businesses could be given incentive to move to the Eco-city to benefit from lower overheads by employing cheaper workers available 24/7 to work flexible hours on-site or remotely from home.
  • In the Eco-city, the outgoings are very low and employees can accept lower hourly rates to compete with others and remain employed.
  • Eco-industries  could  get  free  electricity,  use a leased land, and benefit from ring-fenced net  tax- free profits of 5% on local investment.
  • To save on building costs, building Eco-city should not be contracted  to  profiteering  developers and it should be built by its residents.
  • Eco-homes should be economically designed and pre-fabricated for self-build following step-by-step instructions and supervised by a professional builder.
  • A  group  of  seven   people,   which   can include the unemployed and volunteers, can build an Eco-home in seven days; from this, they can earn Eco- credits to use as a minimum deposit to own an Eco- home.
  • Each Eco-home will have an edible garden for people to cultivate their crops and to avoid starvation or  to  help with the cost of food, especially, in permanent lock-down. If people are too busy to cultivate their gardens, others will and share the benefits.
  • Each Eco-home will produce more electricity than  it consumes, from renewable sources, store it in batteries and supplies the excess to the industries, additionally, the Eco-city renewable energy plants could compensate for any requirements.
  • Each Eco-home is designed to collect rainwater to filter it and convert it to drinkable one or other uses. The Eco-city’s river will also supply water to compensate in a drought.
  • Each person should have access to the internet to learn and work from home, which is to save on costs for education, gaining vocational training skills, and saving on transport fares.
  • Conditionally, each Eco-home owner must accept training on required new skills to work and pay at least the interest on the mortgage; otherwise, risk losing the Eco-home and having to leave the Eco-city.
  • The Eco-city’s administration will not only have to help the unemployed, young, and elderly to own Eco-homes, it will also help them to learn new required skills and get employment to repay their loans.
  • Employing the locals, locally, will revive the economy and save billions on the social welfare systems.
  • There should be no fixed retirement age, the more people work and contribute to the welfare, the more benefits they get.
  • One of the Eco-employment principles is to work as long as you can do something productive, even if you can work only a few hours doing any job, it will be better than none to increase the  national productivity and reduce the burden on social benefits and tax-payers money.
  • Eco-city local banks must control every financial transaction, including the internet businesses, to guarantee tax collection from the Eco-city’s industries and businesses.
  • Local revenues incur reasonable local taxes, hence; dividends, advertising, investments, double accounting and other expenses must be agreed and controlled to prevent tax avoidance or tax evasion.

If the Eco-homes in Eco-cities and the Eco-lifestyle become the norm of our civilization, only then, the socio-economic systems become fair-minded, morally civilized, ethical, and sustainable. Building Eco-cities and living economic lifestyles will become imperative national security protection and economic weapon against recessions.

COVID-19 Aftermath and Ecolism

The Eco-cities can shut their gates to survive the pandemic spread and global economic turmoil.
Henri Maalouf

I wish that world leaders would re-examine their socio-economic-systems and re-create more sustainable and self-sufficient ones. At least, consider the Ecolism solution to help with the aftermath of global recessions and future national protection.

COVID-19 was an atrocious test for efficient leadership, socio-economic systems and national control. I hope some leaders learn the value of free health care, better social welfare system and the human wellbeing value. Maybe COVID-19 was teaching leaders to know when protectionism is necessary and when globalization benefits all?

Globalization created a long chain of entangled global economies and any disturbance in a major one has a domino effect on all others. The recessions could have been avoided if the socio-economic systems were different.

Building self-sufficient Eco-cities, as described in Ecolism books, will protect nations from external influences. In the case of a pandemic, each Eco-city can be locked down to prevent an economic meltdown. People can self-isolate in purposely designed Eco-homes spread on larger land instead of living in congested cities like New York where millions could die from a single attack.

China is building 286 Eco-cities with a similar concept and could be adapted to self-sufficiency, sustainability and protection. Each Eco-city can shut its gates to prevent the external threat of a pandemic virus spread and survive a global economic impact.

I commend the Chinese for succeeding in isolating Wuhan to protect the other 1.4bn citizens the spread of the disease. I hope that the USA, the EU and the rest of the world, will be able to do the same to protect their citizens in purposely built Eco-cities or better control of their systems.

Unfortunately, there was a high price to pay from COIVD-19 that caused death, depression and major economic restructuring. I hope that leaders will reform their systems to combat any global disaster if it happens again.

I humbly propose a universal Eco-socio-economic system that ensures better protection for the vulnerable in self-sufficient Eco-cities un-affected by national or global recessions or pandemics.

The Ecolism concept for a new Eco-socio- economic system extracts the benefits from all  others. The welfare of socialism, the control of totalitarianism and the freedom of capitalism, each has benefits and flaws. The logical wisdom is simple; learn from history, mistakes and remove the flaws from a system to avoid repetitive and undesirable consequences.

Despite all the global treaties, laws and regulations, the 2008 economic collapse, started in the USA and had a domino effect on most nations? 12 years later COVID-19 started in China, crossed borders, killed hundreds of thousands, infected millions and caused depression across the globe?

The question remains: Is it going to be business as usual in the aftermath of COVID-19? Or will world leaders unite, create new systems and treaties to avert future economic meltdown or pandemic lock-down? The truth remains to be seen and only time can tell.

COVID-19 Benefits and Lessons

Disasters force changes and learning how to avoid them.
Henri Maalouf

Let us ponder, ask questions, review what happened and examine the flaws in our socio-economic systems.

How did COVID-19 happen and why? Was it negligence deliberate, act of God or mother nature balancing the impact on climate change and the misconduct of the humankind?

What did the world learn from COVID-19? How does Ecolism suggest permanent solutions? What are the flaws in the current global socio-economic systems? How the world can benefit from the COVID-19 disaster’s experience? How would people change their lifestyles to adapt to the coming changes.

The world spends more than $2 trillion on weapons of mass destruction. Why waste such amount of money, if few scientists in a lab could create an invisible killer virus that might defeat the mightiest army and annihilate our civilization?

The armies during the COVID-19 pandemic, could not use their nuclear weapons to kill the virus! They had to help people instead of killing them. I think the time has come to re-purpose the armies for a different type of self-defense, help and build nations instead of programming soldiers to become killing robots.

The Nuclear war is an obsolete daredevil game because any nuclear attack by one country triggers retaliation and creates doomsday for all. It takes 100 nuclear warheads to destroy the plane’s habitat for generations to come and nobody would end up living on a healthier planet.

Imagine if an advanced race from outer space invaded planet earth. They can simply drop airborne virus bombs on our planet’s congested cities and make the mightiest nations surrender.

Imagine, what happens if a group of terrorists, who do not belong to any country, manage to force some scientists to create airborne virus bombs and drop them at major congested cities.

The damage will be unimaginable and the greatest armies will not be able to fight an invisible enemy from an invisible country and even if they could, it is possible that it will be too late.

The world leaders should learn to spread their populations in Eco-cities across their lands instead of congesting them in a New York style skyscraper and become a single point of vulnerability. The entire world should learn from what happened in New York and justify building Eco-cities as described in Ecolism books.

Why put all your eggs in one basket and allow a beast to smash it all by one hit? Spread them all around and be aware of the beast’s possible steps.

As a result of the  COVID-19 pandemic, countries closed their borders to protect their nations from the propagation of Corona-virus (COVID-19), while scientists shared data across borders to find a cure against a common invisible enemy. Politicians worked together, listened to scientists and experts to make political decisions based on scientific models, facts and statistics, instead of political emotional and illogical reasoning.

COVID-19 forced businesses to restructure or disappear, industries to re-purpose or shutdown, and people had to adapt to a new humble lifestyle or face the consequences.

COVID-19 changed peoples’ attitudes and did in a few months, what religions, philosophers and leaders could not do in decades.

People, politicians and businesses communicated virtually via the internet, computers and there was no need to travel. It is cheaper, less time consuming, cost-effective and more productive.

Students were able to learn from home. There was no need to travel to schools or universities. Teaching online is more cost-effective. Ir saves, travel cost, accommodation and school or university fees.

Congestion in cities disappeared and there was no need for most people to travel to work or go shopping. It is not only more economic to work from home; it also reduces congestion and gas emissions especially when vehicles use petrol engines.

Airport expansions transformed into contraction and it was proved chat flying, most of the time, is not necessary The Fossil fuel prices dropped down to almost zero and petrol producers had to agree on cutting down production instead of increasing it.

COVID-19 has done what Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion, climate change activists, and leaders could not do. The pollution dropped 40% in a few months, instead of waiting decades for politicians and businesses to invest in renewable energy. Knowing the benefits of the COVID-19 social and economic adaptation, people should permanently continue living in similar ways that they were forced to endure during the pandemic. Does it take a pandemic to force people to change and live an Eco-lifestyle?

COVID-19 caused celebrations, religious gatherings and sports events to stop. It became unnecessary conventions, less important and saves money. People could pray at home if they want, watch sports on TV or play a game and celebrate being with families.

Celebrities’ luxuries and extravagant lifestyles halted, footballers accepted lesser salaries and suddenly science was more valued than entertainment. Maybe people will learn that the more educated are more important or a doctor who saves lives should earn more than a celebrity or entertainer.

The highest reward and appreciation were for nurses and doctors. They were like soldiers going to the front-line to defend against an invisible enemy. Unfortunately, some died because they were not equipped with protective shields or defensive weapons.

They were the heroes of the 21st century and the symbol of altruism, sacrificed themselves to protect the wellbeing of others.

All of the above temporary changes, caused by COVID-19, should become permanent lessons on how people and leaders could change the socio-economic systems and lifestyles, very quickly.

Ecolism systems help leaders to force quicker lock-down, save lives, prevent economic recessions, live economic and more productive lifestyle and in a cleaner less polluted environment.

If virus pandemics, plagues, and recessions repeat coming in waves, then our Eco-homes will become our only spaces for survival.

From our Eco-homes, most people could virtually communicate with others via the internet, use artificial intelligence to become more productive and efficient. We can send drones for deliveries and sightseeing, use autonomous vehicles for heavy deliveries, and robots to do the physical work for us.

Once we adapt to such lifestyle, work and study from home, become self-sufficient then we will be able to avoid the extreme impact of recessions or pandemics.

Maybe the benefits of COVID-19 is that we have to change our ways of living and         adapt to the Eco-lifestyle described in Ecolism books’ series. We must build  self-sufficient Eco-homes       that are more prudent in purposely built sustainable self- sufficient Eco-cities. Building Eco-homes and Eco-cities are not enough, we have to create and adapt to a new organized Eco-socio-economic system that can withstand recessions and pandemics. COVID-19 is teaching nations to unite against a global enemy, work together, share    scientific information, care for each other, and stop the megalomania for greed, world domination, and power.

People and nations should learn to live within their means in an Eco-lifestyle of lesser luxuries and outgoings than they were used to do before COVID-19. People should accept training in new skills that are suitable for the available jobs otherwise, they will become a burden on the social welfare systems.

If every person on the planet becomes a hero like the nurses and doctors who tried to save lives and sacrificed theirs, humanity becomes paradise on earth.

The COVID-19 event created a historical depression and people must change their lifestyles to economic ones. People must face new realities and adapt to changes. Evolution requires change and adaptation. Now is the time for a giant leap into a new more advanced and ethical civilization.

Henri Maalouf