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Ecolism Bible

Ecolism Bible is about Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Home Eco-Ethical Principles Eco-Human Rights social in a self-sufficient ecosystem in Eco-cities.

Sustainable living is the concept of Ecolism Bible books. It extracts the moral values of religions and the righteous laws to adapt them to the 21st-century utopian Eco-socio-economic systems. Imagine living in a paradise on Earth where everyone is free, content and equal to others. Courts do not exist because no one sins. Poverty is unheard of because everyone is self-sufficient. Everyone lives in peace, with no wars, no disputes and no suffering. Everyone tells the whole truth as it is, with no lies, deception, no dual standards or ulterior motives. And no discrimination, no bias where everyone is an equally free human.

Ecolism Bible and sustainable living are an open-source for everyone to live an Eco-lifestyle and contribute in any way to the well-being of all life forms. The enhancement includes the integrity of the environment on the planet Earth. Any law or doctrine that prevents warfare and enriches welfare is acceptable by Ecolism. Any contributor to enhancing people’s lives becomes a hero Ecolist. Money must not be the motivation but the means to improve the welfare of life forms and their environment.

Ecolism Bible suggests Eco-solutions to reduce the daily sufferings, economic turbulence and miseries that keep re-occurring. Recent history of; the economic turmoil in 2008, COVID-19, wars in the Middle East, Ukraine and poverty should motivate everyone to create solutions to prevent re-occurrences. Ecolism Bible books are the framework of Eco-solutions that help the sustainable living of everyone in self-sufficient and independent countries.

Each country can tailor its social and economic systems to a similar concept of the Eco-solutions in the Ecolism bible. But there should be a universal consensus about an ideal social and economic system that is suitable for most countries. Ecolism’s Eco-solutions or similar ones are necessary because all religions have failed to eliminate poverty and wars. Similarly, all laws and governments did not eliminate poverty. Greedy governments created wars to dominate and deprive others of their prosperity and freedom.

The 21st-century civilization has progressed in science and technology but regressed in ethical values and equality for all. Human rights are not universally complied with, are inadequate and need modernization. About 20% of the planet’s population has malnutrition, while a high percentage in rich countries suffer from over-nutrition and obesity. The privileged few drown in the sea of their excessive wealth and profits by depriving the poor of prosperity or the necessities of survival.

The megalomania for world domination and greed for money, at any unethical cost, became acceptable normality. Piling weapons of mass destruction became an acceptable socio-economic system for superpower countries and federations. They create wars to sell more weapons even if it leads to WW3. Discriminating against other countries and their rights to prosper became conditional on their obedience and control of a superpower country or federation.

Such greed, inequalities, injustices and quest for domination are the roots of all evil on the planet. In a utopian ethical civilization, everyone on the planet has the right to prosper, live free and enjoy peace. The gap between the rich and poor is unjustifiably and unethically getting wider each day! Why? Impoverishing the majority by a minority is simply undemocratic or oppressive. Ironically, those who claim they are democratic are the ones who cause poverty to others.

It is shameful that superpower countries create wars in smaller ones as proxy wars between them to dominate, sell weapons, control and make profits. They advocate that the wars are to enforce democracy or remove a dictator. The truth is simply, that they pursue world domination and resource consumption of others. Global welfare must prevail over any warfare at any cost to advance this civilization to maturity.

When a leader of a country cannot eliminate its poverty or improve its economy, then must not lead such country. But people invite the beast to their villages and are powerless to stop the beast from destroying their villages. Who can stop a fisher from destroying all the fish in the lake with dynamite to bring one fish for dinner? Realistically speaking, people elect leaders to improve their lives and most politicians promise life in paradise but deliver a hellish life for the poor.

Humanity needs another Messiah from an alien race with adequate power to lock down all the beasts on the planet Earth. Ecolism is a peaceful civilized way for the awakened people to ask their leaders to change their ways and become more ethically civilized. People do not have to wait for their leaders or businesses to become ethical, they can start to be ethical themselves. People do not have to elect the same political parties, repeatedly, they can elect independent ones, hoping they are better. If everyone is ethical, the misconduct disappears, poverty goes down and fairer justice prevails.

Ecolism is not a materialistic system where only money matters. It is a humanitarian socio-economic system where every life form matters. Ecolism’s objective is to advance humankind for a utopian way of life that feels like paradise on Earth for everyone. Let there be a light shining on everyone and emitting from each person on the planet. Let everyone become like the sun an everlasting light and energy.

Eco-lifestyle is one of the Ecolism Bible books

Sustainable living start with an Eco-lifestyle is good when the social and economic system is sustainable for families to live in self-sufficient Eco-homes. It is even better if they live in Eco-cities following the Eco-principles and Eco-human rights. Also, people must care for all life forms and the environment. Ants, bees and life in the sea each have a natural ecosystem, so humans must learn from nature to survive in similar ways.

Considering the rise in population and the sources’ limitations on the planet, it is more sustainable for everyone to live a frugal Eco-lifestyle. The waste of the richest 5% is enough to end the poverty of the poorest 20% of the planet’s population. If each person lives an economically modest lifestyle without extravagance, climate change becomes more sustainable. The Eco-lifestyle book details better ways of living to create fairer societies and change destinies sustaining life on planet Earth.

Eco-social Ecosystem is one of the Ecolism Bible book

Sustainable living needs a complete Eco-social ecosystem in Eco-cities for best results. Humans started their lives in the jungle as animals, then became tribes herding animals and eventually built kingdoms. Kings fought others as animals did, eventually, kingdoms became countries and started to become civilized. Science and technologies advanced, but the question remains, are humans morally civilized enough in the 21st century? The answer remains, poverty is rising, wars keep re-occurring, justice favors the rich more than the poor and unstable economies. So, are humans morally civilized enough yet?

This book creates the framework for a more civilized society in a sustainable and self-sufficient economic and social ecosystem. It is a paradise on planet Earth; where fairer justice prevails, poverty does not exist, and ethical human rights are compulsory curriculum at schools. The Eco industries, businesses and agriculture sustain a stable life for everyone in Eco-cities where people can learn and work from their Eco-homes. It is a complete human ecosystem that combines the benefits of socialism and capitalism with the virtues of religions and ethics.

Eco-home is one of the Ecolism Bible book

Sustainable living suggests Eco-home that must become a secure place for survival where a family can eat from its garden, work and learn by using the internet. COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home to avoid death, so why most people do not do it permanently? Imagine the amount of money people can save on transport, education fees, and travel time if they simply work from and study from home. This book details how families can live in Eco-homes almost self-sufficient and reduce at least 70% of their outgoing bills.

People can collect the rainwater from their Eco-homes, filter and recycle it for multiple uses. It is easy and cheaper to install efficient solar panels, wind turbines and storage batteries to have renewable free energy. The cost of living must be affordable in any country frugal Eco-lifestyle reduces poverty worldwide. The cost of living must become more affordable for more people to live a sustainable life at least in Eco-homes.

Eco-cities is one of the Ecolism Bible book

Sustainable living needs building Eco-cities for the poor, not luxury ones that rely on renewable energy only. Eco-cities must also have complementary frugal social and economic systems including Eco industries, businesses and agriculture. Eco-cities must have entrance gates and fences to deter unwelcome visitors who could harm their well-being and harmony. The design must be comprehensive to ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency.

COVID-19 pandemic is a good example of the need for lock-down and survival when germ warfare occurs. The same security necessity applies in warfare. It is more difficult to destroy a city a horizontal city spread across large lands than a vertical city like New York. A conglomerate administration style to govern an Eco-city can save on the bureaucracy of its various departments and organizations. This book details how Eco-cities are the best solution for future economies to sustain the explosion of the population on the planet.

Eco-ethical principles is one of the Ecolism Bible book

Sustainable living includes Eco-ethical principles for more harmonious living. Religions, laws, schools and cultures, all failed to doctrine a comprehensive set of ethical principles compatible with the 21st century. The social degradation and unethical behavior of humankind including the leaders they elect are intolerable. The greed for money, living an extravagant lifestyle and consuming more resources from the planet at any detrimental expense are gradually destroying the planet. This book details 101+ Eco-ethical principles to discipline human behavior.

Indoctrinating ethical principles for everyone on the planet to follow as a new universal religion is necessary for a moral civilization. When humans live without ethical principles, they become like animals in the jungle, each is selfish and kills to survive. The core principles of ethics are unbiased equality and responsible freedom. Responsible freedom means anyone could do anything the person likes if no harm affects oneself or others by any unethical means.

Eco-human rights is one of the Ecolism Bible book

Sustainable living also includes re-written Eco-human rights rules to complement the Eco-ethical principles. The international community recognized the need to create human rights rules after WW2 to prevent new wars, oppression and atrocities. However, more ethnic cleansing and national wars are still happening. Current human rights rules are not complied with by all countries and judgments are politically biased or influenced. They apply to individuals of member countries rather than countries themselves and they need modernization. This book re-writes the human rights and their rules to become universally followed by each country nationally and globally.

All the countries of the United Nations can contribute to a universal consensus among nations but are free to apply compatible laws nationally. The United Nations for Human rights court can judge or score countries depending on their level of compliance globally and nationally. No court has the power to punish a country but can name, shame and ask like-minded countries to impose sanctions on non-compliant ones. The new human rights rules include climate change responsibilities, free education and welfare for everyone on the planet.

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Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.
Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.