Israel vs Palestine

Israel vs Palestine

Two States Solution for the Palestine-Israeli conflict will not Work

To find a solution to a problem, we must know its history and root causes.
Henri Maalouf


I am the author of Ecolism bible books and a political philosophy author. My Ecolism books have solutions for most socio-economic problems, and I like to suggest permanent solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Both Palestinians and Jews hurt me, so I am not anybody’s friend or enemy. Hence, I am impartial and unbiased, and I like to mention facts in addition to suggesting solutions instead of blaming anyone or things done in the past.

Although both people caused losses to me and my family, I forgive them. Jesus tried to teach civilizations to live in peace and forgive; 2000 years later, people are still unforgiving and retaliating. Moses’ commandment says Thou shall not kill 3500 years ago, yet humans are still killing each other. The question is, are humans civilized yet?

It is time for forgiveness and the removal of root causes. The Jews and Muslim Palestinians have genetic hatred of each other and cannot live in peace on the same land. Therefore, it is time to find a permanent solution and land for them to create a state of Palestine.

Temporary and immediate solutions to Israel vs Palestine

1-Allow all civilians to flee to the north and do not bomb the north.

2-Allow unlimited humanitarian aid via Rafah crossing port.

3-Temporarily, allow Palestinians to escape to the Sinai desert and give them all that they need to survive. It is better than dying and starving. Palestinians might refuse, but they have no option. The Egyptians may not like it either. However, they have economic problems and could accept money to buy or rent land for the Palestinians in the nearby Sinai desert until a permanent solution becomes reality.

Palestinians must accept to live elsewhere, especially in their ancestral lands in Arabic countries or Najaf and the Arabs must help them build an Eco-nation that is peaceful.

4-HAMAS leader and his fighters must surrender to save 2.3 million Palestinians if they have any honor or care for their people.

5- Israel has to continue the siege but must try to cease fire until the HAMAS organization surrenders and the hostages are free.

6-Israel must stop shelling civilians and hospitals even if HAMAS operates near the hospitals. It is inhumane and uncivilized to kill innocent, oppressed people, including children and women.

7-Israel must move the battle to the underground or tunnels instead of killing civilians and considering them as collateral damage. They should not be proud of killing civilians and it must not be a war on Gaza, but they have to create peace and remove HAMAS.

It is not that difficult to enter the tunnels. I suggest rolling 360-degree camera balls in the tunnels and using thermal imaging or robot snakes to detect fighters or hostages. If the cameras show hostages and fighters, smoke them out; if it shows fighters, throw a grenade or smoke bombs. If fighters escape the tunnels and surface above ground and are still fighting, the drones and snipers can ask them to surrender or else.

8-Israel has to continue the siege and demilitarize all of Gaza.

9-Administer Gaza until a permanent solution becomes agreed upon by Israel, Arabs, and the UN and Palestinians must accept to live and fight another day or decide on a peaceful future as the Jews found out when they rebelled against occupiers but had to emigrate from their lands for 2000 years.

A long-term solution for Israel and Palestine

The main root causes are the historical conflicts between Palestinians, Muslims, and Jews. The problem is that Israeli land is in the middle, separating Gaza from the West Bank. Israel surrounds the Palestinians and controls the land, air, and sea. Therefore, Palestinians cannot be self-sufficient to have an independent state. So, a one or two-state solution is not viable, and Israel has no intention to let it happen.

The only viable solution is for the wealthy Arabs to buy land large enough for all the Palestinians to build a self-sufficient Eco-city or nation with Eco-industries and agriculture. Henri Maalouf described in one of his Ecolism Bible books – Utopian Eco-city (Ecolism series Book 3), that people can buy it from Amazon or download it free from It is the best and only permanent solution. The land could be in Sinai, East Jordan, Najaf, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else. If Israel occupies the existing Palestinian lands, they must pay for replacing them.

The UN must issue a resolution to recognize the new Palestine as a member state in a new land.

Wealthy Arabs must employ all Palestinians to give them education, homes, and a better living standard than living as refugees and miserable lives. There is no future for them in Lebanon Syria or Jordan.

Advice to Palestinians

My advice to the Palestinians is to study the History of their origin and the History of the Jews. They keep saying Israel occupied Palestine and keep shouting from the river to the sea Palestinians will be free. The fact is, there has never been a sovereign Palestine state or republic since the bronze age. However, although Palestinians and Jews were under occupation by many empires, the last one was the Ottoman Empire, then the British. Both of them have lived on the land, and both had the right to live as equal and peaceful civilized humans.

The big historical mistake is that the British promised a state for Palestinians to win the Arabs on their side in WW1 and promised a state for Israel at the same time. As a result, there was rejection and fights, then the British referred the matter to the UN, who issued resolution 181 in 1947. The Jews accepted it, but Palestinians and Arabs rejected it. Hence, the war began between them; the result was the Jews took hundreds of Palestinian villages and lands by force. So, the Palestinians could not establish a member state recognized by the UN. This is the primary root cause for fighting and hating each other till death and it will continue unless Palestine has its independent state.

Palestinians and the Arab’s mistakes and root causes

Palestinians and Arabs did not accept the UN 181 resolution in 1947.

Arabs and Palestinian wars against Israel were in 1948, 1949, 1956, 1967 (6 days war), 1973, 1982, and 2006. All the wars failed to destroy Israel. Israel can fight all the Arabs without the help of the USA; They have nuclear missiles, hypersonic rockets, an Iron dome for rocket interception, and the latest technological weapons. So, the Arabs do not stand a chance. It is futile and unwise to fight a tank with stones. This is why, in November 2023, five rich Arabic countries decided not to cut relations with Israel or use their petrol power.

PLO fought the Jordanians in 1970 and fought the Christians in Lebanon in 1975 and ended in losing thousands of them, and this was another big mistake from the Palestinians.

In 1988, HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement) published its charter, calling for the destruction of Israel and the establishment of an Islamic state, declaring that Israel would exist until Islam obliterated it. It is another ISIS ideology.

The HAMAS charter is an ancient Islamic ideology returning to the Islamic conquest in 634, but we are in the 21st century, countries have changed, and HAMAS must learn to live in the present and future, not in the past.

HAMAS also opposed the Oslo agreements in 1993 and 1995, which were for peace between Israel and Palestine, self-determination, the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank. This also did not happen, and HAMAS refused it, as did Jewish extremists.

The problem of the Palestinians is the conflict between HAMAS and PA, and there is no unification between them, which does not help to make any agreement with Israel or have a state.

On October 7, 2023, HAMAS launched a terrorist attack on Israel, killing and kidnapping their people and this was the greatest mistake that caused the destruction of Gaza and eventually will cause a gradual genocide.

Israeli mistakes and root causes

The Jewish HAGANA, LEHI, and IRGUN, ESTABLISHED in 1920 massacred, terrorized, and exiled Palestinians and took their lands by force up to 1948 which led to revenge and permanent hatred between them. Such an act is uncivilized and inhumane.

Opposition to the Oslo Agreement and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by far-right Israeli extremists is a clear intention not to make peace with Palestinians and cause them miserable lives.

Netanyahu continued the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, building settlements and taking lands by force, in addition to taking thousands of prisoners and oppressing Palestinians in a large open prison.

It is Israel’s failure and it is surprising that Israel is surrounding Gaza yet was not able to stop weapons from finding their way to Gaza.

It is also suspicious that the IDF lowered their guards and allowed the HAMAS organization to enter their territory and commit an atrocious terrorist act. Maybe it was deliberate to give Netanyahu an excuse to launch a war on Gaza to stay in power. Who knows the truth?

Recent History and Root Causes

The current generation must understand that the Ottoman Empire ended its rule in Palestine in 1918 after the British won the Battle of Megiddo against them. The British occupied the land and promised Mandatory Palestine to win the Arabs’ support in WW1, but it did not happen. At the same time, the British government issued the Balfour Declaration, promising the Jews to establish a home in Palestine to return to their ancestral home and set up a state.

Throughout history, the Jews gradually emigrated to Europe, the USA, Russia, and other countries for 2000 years. And since the Islamic conquest occupied their land, the number of Jews in Palestine dwindled. In contrast, the number of Muslim Palestinians increased.

The Palestinians did not like the return of the Jews to their ancestral land, revolted, and the fight began between them. The British referred the matter to the UN. Consequently, the UN issued Resolution 181 in 1947, splitting the land into two states, Israel and Palestine. The Jews accepted, but the Palestinians rejected because initially, they were about 800,000 while the Jews were about 80,000, and Palestinians wanted more of the land. The Jews started their Aleyah, returning to their ancestral land in large numbers to match the Palestinians and establish the state of Israel.

Because the Palestinians refused the UN resolution, the fight between them began. The Jews massacred the Palestinians and took their villages and cities by force, except Gaza and part of the West Bank. The Palestinians had to escape to Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. The Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel and became a full member state on May 11, 1949.

Consequently, five Arab countries did not like what happened; they launched a war against Israel and lost. But Jordan occupied the West Bank, and Egypt administered Gaza. There have been wars between the Jews and Arabs in 1948, 1949, 1956, 1967, 1969–70, 1973, and 1982, and the Arabs always lost, and now there is the predicted outcome of the war on Gaza in 2023.

Ancient History

More than 4000 years ago, many empires occupied the land of Canaan. They were Semitic-speaking people of many languages and tribes. They came from Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) since the story of Babylon tower and the emigration of many tribes. The Canaanite tribes lived in the southern Levant, and scientists proved this fact by examining DNA from archeological sites.

As mentioned in the old religious books, the Israelites were 12 tribes settled in Canaan about 3,751 years ago as historians say. Eventually, 10 tribes vanished, but two tribes remained and created the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judea about 3000 years ago. King Solomon, the son of David, united both kingdoms.

The old religious books mentioned the word Philistine as tribes came to the land 200 years after the Israelites settled in Gaza. Some historians say the Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the tribe. In any case, I believe there was a small Kingdom of Philistine in Gaza in ancient history. Also, there was the story of David versus the Giant Goliath. It looks like the Israelites fought the Philistines more than 3000 years ago.

The land did not have any stability throughout history because the Pharaohs conquered part of Canaan, then the Assyrians (today Syria), the Babylonians today’s (Iraq), the Persians (on/off) today’s (Iran), the Greeks (by Alexander the Great), the Romans, the Crusades, the Mamluks, Muslim conquest, Ottoman empire, then after WWI the British until the establishment of Israel state in 1949.

During the period of other civilizations invading the land, the Jews suffered from enslavement, exile, massacres, or permanent emigration from their land and lived on many continents. But the locals hated them as nations usually hate refugees. They were hated and killed even in England, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal till WW2 when Hitler killed about 6 million Jews and put hundreds of thousands in concentration camps.

I believe the history of Muslim Palestinians began during the Islamic conquest when Caliph Umar occupied Jerusalem in the year 635. From 644 to 705, the Caliphs built the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem on top of King Solomon’s temple. So Muslim Arabs started to live on the land, and so the Christians and Jews became minorities. I believe the Christian Palestinians have lived for 2000 years on the land, and most of them converted from being Jews to Christians. So, Israel must treat them equally, especially in Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus Christ in southern Jerusalem, and find a solution for Muslim Palestinians.

Israel Palestine history maps
Israel Palestine history maps
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