Be the light Poem

Be the light

Be bright, be the light, be a candle in the night
Be what you want to be, but always be the light
Don't be with no honor, honesty is your treasure
Be moral and confident no need to be arrogant

Be great but be humble, don't haste and stumble
Don't be autocratic, be free and democratic
Don't be preferential , always be impartial
Do not ever blackmail, be lenient to the frail

Do not be a bully, even to the folly
No prison or evil custody, with no cure and remedy
Be rich but do not patronize, or act like a devil in paradise
Show people some respect, be like a monk, be perfect

It is not moral to conceal, be frank and crystal clear
Comply with human rights, fill the darkness with lights
Do not sin or be corrupt, be worthy of people's trust
Quit the misery of dependence, enjoy the glory of independence

Be the torch of equalities, remove all the inequalities
Don't gamble to be wealthy , be satisfied you are healthy
Live to build an Eco-home, shield yourself from a storm
Always search for education, to better serve your nation

Be humble, not arrogant, be responsible, not ignorant
Do not treat with racism, respect multiculturalism
Forgive and do not kill, have mercy and goodwill
Tell the truth till you die, it is not ethical if you lie

It is evil to malpractice , sinful to bypass justice
Do not monopolize, share and synergize
Be a bold whistle-blower, to pluck out evil power
Worship virtues, not money, praise deeds, not the penny

Be free from addiction, do not force infliction
Be free from insincerity, preach love and morality
It is uncivilized to be offensive, be a human rights’ defensive
Do not elect the oppressive, elect the humane and progressive

Be fair and don't overcharge, give value to what you charge
Don't divide to conquer, unify to become stronger
It is shameful to be a pedophile, disgraceful, uncivilized and vile
Don't pollute your ecology , conserve the green energy

Do not betray, but be a patriot, to your nation, be a loyalist
Respect others' privacy , don't abuse intimacy
Do not dispute to jeopardize, be agreeable and compromise
Do not revenge an eye for an eye, forgive, remedy and rectify

Don't cheat, lie or smuggle , be sincere to avoid trouble
Do not argue and be subjective, be factual, realistic and objective
If you avoid or evade paying tax, the law chop your wins by an ax
It is uncivil to impose torture, but wise to remedy the culture
Be bright, be the light, be a candle in the night
Be what you want to be, but always be the light

Henri E. Maalouf

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