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The concept of Eco-human rights focuses on the idea of creating a global human rights framework while respecting national sovereignty. It proposes the establishment of Global Human Rights (GHR) rules by the United Nations (UN), while individual countries maintain their own National Human Rights (NHR) rules and courts. The GHR rules would serve as a guideline for all nations, and the UN would have the authority to name and shame violators publicly, relying on the cooperation and support of like-minded nations for enforcing any sanctions.

The suggested approach emphasizes the need for simplicity and clarity in the wording of human rights rules, aiming for universal understanding across different languages. It acknowledges that not all countries may be able to fully adopt all GHR rules immediately, but it encourages gradual adaptation and development as nations progress. The Eco-human rights rules about freedom, equality, and brotherhood are in line with the Eco-ethical principles. The GHR rules do not contradict UDHR but enhance them.

The concept proposes a more inclusive approach to human rights, considering the complexities and diversity of countries and cultures. By respecting national sovereignty and allowing nations to create their own NHR rules, it seeks to strike a balance between a global human rights framework and each nation’s legal systems.

It’s important to note that implementing such a system would require extensive discussions, negotiations, and consensus-building among UN member states. Addressing concerns related to national sovereignty, potential power imbalances, and the effectiveness of enforcement mechanisms would be critical for the success of this approach.

Overall, the concept of Eco-human rights presents an interesting perspective on the evolution of human rights on a global scale and the need for a more adaptable and harmonious framework to promote peace and dignity for all individuals. However, as with any new proposal, its practicality and viability would require careful examination and debate within the international community.

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