Eco-lifestyle Preamble

If we live an Eco-lifestyle, we protect the environment and advance our civilization.
Henri Maalouf.

Sustainable living starting with an Eco-lifestyle is good when the social and economic system is sustainable for families to live in self-sufficient Eco-homes. It is even better if they live in Eco-cities following the Eco-principles and Eco-human rights. Also, people must care for all life forms and the environment. Ants, bees, and life in the sea each have a natural ecosystem, so humans must learn from nature to survive in similar ways.

Considering the rise in population and the sources’ limitations on the planet, it is more sustainable for everyone to live a frugal Eco-lifestyle. The waste of the richest 5% is enough to end the poverty of the poorest 20% of the planet’s population. If each person lives an economically modest lifestyle without extravagance, climate change becomes more sustainable. The Eco-lifestyle book details better ways of living to create fairer societies and change destinies sustaining life on planet Earth.

People must live an Eco-lifestyle in self-sufficient Eco-homes and Eco-cities to avoid the spread of a pandemic like COVID-19. The social unrest, financial losses and death from pandemics should teach everyone to self-isolate to increase the chances of survival. Businesses will be happy and normal living continues.

Living an Eco-lifestyle in Eco-homes allows most people to work and learn from home to save travel time and costs. People can use the internet and virtually communicate without infecting each other with a contagious virus, like COVID-19. They do not need to travel, cause congestion in large cities and pollute the environment by using fossil fuels. Businesses could use Artificial Intelligence to perform repetitive tasks to save time and money.

Nations should learn to live within their means in an Eco-lifestyle of lesser luxuries and outgoings. People must accept training in new skills that are suitable for the available jobs. Otherwise, they will become a burden on the social welfare systems and taxpayers’ money.

People must face new realities and adapt to changes. Human evolution requires change and adaptation. The time has come for a giant leap into a new and more advanced ethical civilization. To stabilize climate change, people must live an Eco-lifestyle as described in the Ecolism bible.

Everyone on the planet should live a frugal Eco-lifestyle, peacefully free and happily content. Fairer sustainable living and self-sufficiency for each family are the essence of Ecolism’s concepts. Eliminating poverty, principled behavior and fairer justice must become an essential human right for everyone.

The best social and economic system is the one that cares for everyone’s welfare from the cradle to the grave. The Eco-lifestyle advocates sustainable living and self-sufficiency as national security for the independence of each country. Self-sufficiency is essential to counteract global economic disturbances for any individual and a nation.

There is enough wealth in the world to eliminate poverty and peace must become a human right for everyone on the planet. Ecolism Bible books offer solutions for major social problems, responsible freedom, fairer justice and equality among all people. The world can produce food three times its population, yet 25% have malnutrition! In rich countries, they have obesity and waste the excess food, while the poor ones have malnutrition and cannot get food!

The Eco-lifestyle in the concept of Ecolism is one of the Eco-solutions. It can be done by anyone anywhere to help someone somewhere. It is essential for everyone on the planet to live frugally and give the excess to others to balance the gap between the poor and rich. The exploding population on the planet must share the available resources, otherwise, wars will become a necessity for survival. The wealthiest afford to give to the poorest without getting hungry or deprived to equalize the social justice for all.

If everyone on the planet especially leaders and businesses become ethical and abide by human rights rules, humanity becomes more civilized. The Eco-lifestyle helps stabilize climate change instead of accelerating the self-destruction of humanity. Therefore, everyone’s lifestyle must change to an Eco-lifestyle as mentioned in its book.

An Eco-lifestyle functions better when governments support it with an Eco-socio-economic system to organize the living standard for every family. Money is a necessity for a decent living but abusing its use to live an extravagant lifestyle is unethical and causes harm to the poorest. Communities could live as cashless societies exchanging services among them in a circular economy.

The Eco-socio-economic system must ensure the welfare of all families from the cradle to the grave. Self-sufficiency means to live an Eco-lifestyle within each person’s means, discarding all the luxuries and unnecessary extravagance. The Ecolism Bible books in their welfare and economic ecosystem offer various solutions to cover most aspects of life.

The primary goal of the Eco-socio-economic system is to employ all the unemployed, retired and anyone who can work for five hours a day or a week. The more people work, the more equity they accumulate to enjoy more luxuries. By employing more people, governments can reduce their welfare spending, collect more taxes and balance their economies. Consequently, more families can own Eco-homes, pay their mortgages, spend less and live better in an Eco-lifestyle. Businesses and industries will flourish, reduce their operational costs, become more competitive and revive the economy by paying more taxes and employing more people.

The design of a new Eco-socio-economic system as described in the Ecolism Bible ensures a higher standard of living for the poorest. The system increases people’s education, skills and productivity, besides lowering national expenditure and increasing revenues. An Eco-socio-economic system acts like a conglomerate that provides services from A to Z for lowering its business overheads or operational costs.

Lowering spending starts with people living an economic Eco-lifestyle. It means no luxuries, unnecessary gadgets or purchases, no insurance, no electric, gas, water, phone or internet bills to pay. There should be no unnecessary items in local supermarkets to buy and no expensive meals in restaurants. The Eco-lifestyle includes working and learning from home to avoid the need for cars or travel costs. It saves on education fees and there should be no health bills, no legal fees to pay and no spending on watching sports or movies.

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Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.
Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.