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The sharp rise in ppm of CO2, CH4 and N2O since the 20th century

Destroying our environment destroys us.
Henri Maalouf

You do not have to be a scientist to observe the effects of climate change. Just watch the number and intensity of heat waves across the world increasing year by year. Watch the oceans rising and taking more of the lands. Look at the glaciers melting faster than they should. Gaze at the droughts drying up the rivers and green lands.

I used to stare at the sun and enjoy getting a suntan for hours at the beach 50 years ago; now I feel like cancer starts to eat my skin after few minutes of exposing my body to the sun. What has humanity done to the ozone layer to weaken it and allow the sun’s rays to cause damage to our planet? We have become like firefighters entering a fire without protective clothing. Eventually, the fire burns the firefighters alive.

The scientists might argue about the history of climate change, but 99% agree that the temperature has been sharply rising since 1950 due to human activities accelerating the production of greenhouse gases, which has increased the rise in global temperatures.

The largest producers of harmful gases are China, the USA and the EU, due to their industries and vehicles. They are destroying the planet slowly for profits, while there are other ways to maintain the ecosystems and make profits.

We do not have to be scientists to understand the graphs or observe the rise in sea levels, tides and the waves’ height during extreme weather. Many countries worldwide are enhancing their seawall defenses to stop high waves from hitting coastal habitation.

Globally, we see severe floods and droughts, the melting of the glaciers, tornadoes, tsunamis, a high ultraviolet (UV) index that can cause cancer and hotter summers because of climate change and the rise in temperature that has resulted from human activities polluting the earth, most notably since 1950.

The rise of CO2 started when humans learned about agriculture and livestock, and then the industrial revolution exponentially increased pollution to the point of no return. Trillions of trees were cut without being replaced, billions of vehicles were manufactured using fossil fuels, billions of barrels of oil were produced and the list goes on regarding chemicals, plastics and others. Hence, you see in the graph above the sharp rise in CO2, N2O and HC4.

Thinking logically, we can conclude that the 7.7 billion people on this planet are accelerating the production of the greenhouse gases contributing to the sharp rise in global temperatures, by merely inhaling oxygen and exhaling CO2, not to mention what else they do to the environment.

The highest contributors are CO2 and N2O from burning fossil fuels for cars and industries. The other contributing factor to CO2 production is from forestry and the misuse of wastelands. An additional contributor is the methane (CH4) produced by the excessive numbers of livestock needed to feed the massive population on this planet.

The air we inhale naturally consists of 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide, other gases and pollutants. We inhale about 21% oxygen and exhale 16% of it. However, we inhale 0.04% carbon dioxide and exhale 4% of it to clean our blood. So, the 7.7 billion people on this planet are a CO2 production factory.

The creation of Eco-cities and Eco-lifestyles are the beginning of reducing greenhouse gases from human activities. Every combustion engine must be replaced by an electric motor to stop us from using gas and petrol. Also, we must stop using aerosol sprays and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals and pollutants regularly used in most houses or some industries.

There are many natural sources of renewable energy that do not pollute our environment or upset the natural balance of the earth. However, politicians are influenced by businesses who care about short-term profits at the expense of slowly destroying the planet’s environment and effecting devastating climate change.

The following are some of the renewable energy sources that are suitable for one million houses at a lesser cost than a nuclear power plant: downdraft energy towers, terrestrial solar-energy satellites, solar-energy plants, wind-turbine farms, geothermal energy, hydro energy, tidal lagoons and wave power. As we make technological and scientific progress, the future innovations will improve existing ones and compete with nuclear and fossil fuel.

In the Eco-city, all the Eco-homes, business premises, industrial buildings, agriculture lands and the roads should have highly efficient solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity from renewable sources. Moreover, instead of feeding the power back to the grid, it is stored in new, advanced, molten- salt, thermal energy, giant storage tanks and batteries for use during the day or night.

The new advances in renewable-energy technologies are making it cheaper than nuclear power plants and fossil fuels, especially when it is in mass production and is locally manufactured. However, a power grid and generators as backups must be available for IT and the industries for continuous 24/7 availability.

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