Eco ethical principles

101 Ethical Principles

Eco ethical principles

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Why would we travel to outer space if we could make a paradise on Earth abiding by Eco ethical principles?
Henri Maalouf.

Henri Maalouf states that if everyone, including authorities, adheres to the 101 Eco-ethical principles, it would lead to a paradise on Earth. Poverty would disappear, people would be self-sufficient, and the planet’s environment would be more sustainable for all life forms. The author advocates for a new set of principles that are compatible with the modern 21st-century lifestyle. He argues that many laws and ethical guidelines written by governments lack a universal and coherent approach, leading to difficulties in enforcement and interpretation.

To address this, the author proposes a set of Eco-ethical principles and Eco-human rights rules that aim to be clear, universally applicable, and adaptable to different cultures and beliefs. The emphasis is on removing the root causes of crimes and unethical behavior from socio-economic systems, thereby eliminating the need for prisons and deterrents.

The vision presented by Henri Maalouf is to have a world where everyone becomes a “civilized Ecolist,” living an Eco-lifestyle guided by these principles. Henri believes that a more ethical world can be achieved by addressing the underlying causes that push people to commit crimes or unethical acts.

It’s worth noting that the ideas presented here reflect the perspective of the author, Henri Maalouf, on ethics, socio-economic systems, and governance. Different individuals and cultures may have diverse opinions on these topics, and there may be ongoing debates and discussions about the best approaches to creating a just and sustainable world.

Religious people dream of outer space paradises created by a God, however, humankind has the potential to create paradises on Earth. Ultimately, the decision to explore outer space and focus on Earth’s problems are not mutually exclusive. People can work towards both goals simultaneously, aiming for a better world on Earth while also expanding our knowledge and presence beyond our planet.

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