Agriculture Domes

Agriculture Domes
Agriculture Domes

The Eco-concept is to live in a cleaner environment, eat healthier and naturally grown organic food. Therefore, in the Eco-city, harmful chemicals are not allowed because of their adverse effects on human health, even if the effects are mild and people do not feel their immediate effect.

The herbalist’s approach to treatment for ailments is using a herbal medicine that slowly cures not only the targeted organ but also all the surrounding ones. On the contrary, synthetic medicine cures a targeted area quickly, but may have about 12 side effects that cause progressive damage to many other organs.

As an example, a cholesterol pill stops the production of the excess cholesterol from the liver but does not stop the production of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and does not stop eventual clotting of the arteries that may result in a need for a heart operation. No matter what scientists claim, many people have suffered as a result of such treatment. On the other hand, a natural herbal remedy with a specific diet and exercise treats the liver, thins the blood, helps the rest of the digestive system and prevents a possible heart operation.

Naturally produced food is always more nutritious and has fewer side effects. Hence, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can also be harmful in the long-term and may cause serious diseases such as cancer. The pesticides may kill some insects and living organisms and also cause cancer, a reduction in fertility, endocrine disruption, autism and other diseases. Although genetic modification (GM) is the lesser of the two evils, it still causes toxicity, health risks, allergies and environmental damage to the ecosystems.

Even if a pesticide causes severe health issues, including cancer and genetic damage, governments still allow it, because of the influence of its manufacturers. No matter what the argument and conflicting opinions are about pesticides and GM food, the wise choice is ‘if in doubt, leave it out’. Pesticides are toxic chemicals that should not be released into the environment they kill not only living organisms on the crops but also the tiny ones living in the human body.

I know from personal experience that when I eat commercial, mass-produced bread, which is injected with 18 chemicals to have a longer shelf life, I suffer from an upset stomach and allergic reaction to it. However, when I eat organic bread from sprouted grains naturally grown and free from additives, then I feel healthier.

There are many pesticide companies in the world and there are especially big ones in Germany that produce hundreds of pesticide chemicals and declare that they are safe. However, the evidence is overwhelming that they are not safe from the increase in cancer ratios; lowering of antibiotic resistance and increases in the number of incidents of autism, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. It is business as usual in the unethical and immoral behavior of corporations that put profits before the health and the welfare of human beings.

There are many safer solutions to protect crops from harmful insects, heat waves, cold weather and other potential future climate-change effects. We can grow them in protected enclosures and install electronic devices that transmit high audio frequencies, which are only heard by animals and repel them from coming to agricultural areas and harming the crops. The following domes are examples already used on a minute scale and there are other projects growing food underground using bulbs that produce light similar to natural sunlight.

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