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Henri maalouf
Henri Maalouf author of Ecolism.

Henri Maalouf the Author of Ecolism

Religions merged Gods into one, and Ecolism combines religions and socio-economic systems into one.
Henri Maalouf

The Ecolism concept was published in 2017 in the Books; Ecolism 1&2 – My Utopian Eco-city and Eco-socio-economic System. However, in 2023, Henri Maalouf decided to continue his work for a new and complete Eco-socio-economic ecosystem.

The book solves all the flaws in communism, capitalism, authoritarianism, and religion. Hence, the Ecolism Bible books cover the most important social and economic systems. The first three books are about human rights, ethical principles and Eco-city. The second set of three books cover most issues of the lifestyles, socio-economic systems and Eco-homes.

The Ecolism concept is a divine intervention that transcended Henri Maalouf’s intelligence since the recession of 2008. Henri Maalouf believes it is his destiny to deliver this inspiration from the cosmos to humanity. Henri predicted the Ecolism concept to become a necessary way of life before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe.

The concept was supplemented by the invasion of Ukraine in 2020. The global tragedies cause food shortages, high inflation, rise in fossil fuel prices and electricity. Ecolism remains the best solution to avoid future recessions and any other economic turmoil.

The core abstract of the Ecolism concept is for each family to own an Eco-home, preferably in an Eco-city. Families can live an Eco-decent lifestyle, and poverty ends. This includes learning and working from home. Families can be self-sufficient by eating from the Eco-home’s garden and having free electricity from renewable sources. Covid-19 has forced people to work and learn from home, which is what Ecolism suggests as a permanent solution.


Governments must build millions of Eco-homes in self-sufficient Eco-cities. An Eco-city must have Eco-industries, agriculture, businesses, and a new Eco-socio-economic ecosystem. The Ecolism books explain how to achieve such change to enhance humanity without government’s borrowing.

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