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Henry Maalouf Gilbert EcolismMy vision for a better civilization

Writing the Ecolism concept was a divine intervention that transcended my intelligence and occupied my mind since the year 2008. It is probably my destiny to deliver a message from the heavens or an advanced alien race to world leaders and humanity.

I did not predict the Ecolism concept will become imperative protection for national security and survival of each nation until COVID-19 hit the globe in the year 2020.

The Aftermath of the year 2020 corona-virus epidemic is an economic contraction that requires reconstruction. The Ecolism concept restructures most socio-economic systems to durable human ecosystems. It ensures long term permanent protection and economic stability to similar events that could come next.

The Ecolism concept is to build self-sufficient Eco-homes in Eco-cities sustained by Eco-industries and a new Eco-socio- economic system that helps people to survive economic melt- down or pandemic lock-down.

At least the chosen ones could be saved in Eco-cities and revive the economy. There is no national wealth if the poor become poorer, unproductive, get ill and die.

Each family’s Eco-home must be self-sufficient, equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, electric batteries  and  the Internet to help them learn and work remotely from home. They can eat from farming in their surrounding garden and Eco-city’s agriculture.

What inspired me to create the Ecolism concept, was  my shock of the recession in the year 2008. I was a successful IT

solutions architect, designing Global Data Centers, implementing the latest technologies for banks, the UK government and other global organizations.

However, when the recession hit the globe in the year 2008, I was made redundant with hundreds of millions of others. After long deliberation, I had the foresight to predict what could happen in the future, if the socio-economic systems remained the same.

Surprisingly enough, in the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused death and depression worst than the recession in the year 2008. The virus crossed borders, forced states and people to self-isolate, virtually work and learn from home, farm and manufacture their needs, free health care and social welfare support and, share global scientific data and so on.

Coincidentally, it is exactly how I was inspired to design the new Eco-socio-economic system, to run in parallel with the existing ones of each country.

I plea to the world leaders to think again, change their political and social-economic systems instead of continuing business as usual as happened after the recession of 2008.

A small virus can bring the mightiest nation down to its knees and no one can dominate the world alone. It is time for nations to unite and spend on welfare more than warfare.

I wish that world leaders can understand the Ecolism concept. And I wish authors and socio-political-philosophers help creating a sustainable and ethical Eco-socio-economic system to become the new universal bible.

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