Henri Maalouf

Author’s Vision

Let the future dictate your present, not your past.
 Henri Maalouf.

Henri Maalouf is the author of Ecolism Bible which is series of books about Eco Lifestyle Eco Homes Eco cities Eco Principles and Eco Human Rights for a complete Social Ecosystem

To change the future, remove the memories of sadness and miseries of the past. Living in the past does not change the future. The past dictates the present and future if it dominates the present. It is good to remember the good days but not the bad ones. Life is a continuous evolution and change. What was right yesterday may not be right today and what is convenient today may not be tomorrow.

After long experiences in life and research, the author believes that destiny is not 100% decided by a God or cosmos and it could be changed to a certain limit. The author was born in Lebanon but traveled to many countries and settled in the UK in 1988. He learned from many cultures and changed his destiny. If he stayed in Lebanon, his destiny would have been limited to the lifestyle of religious cultures, although he never believed in the stories of religious books. If people live in the same socio-economic system; they inherit its influences.

It is like living inside a bubble and its scenery limits your views. You cannot see outside it unless you open a door to see what is outside it or leave it to live in another bubble with different views. Technically, move from one socio-economic system to another to change your lifestyle and destiny. So, changing destiny is easier when you change your lifestyle and when you live in a more compatible environment with the destiny you seek. Otherwise, people must isolate themselves in smaller bubbles which will limit their views.

The Ecolism concept is not only to help change a person’s lifestyle but to change all socio-economic systems to a more moral civilization. The global recession in 2008, COVID-19, war on Ukraine and others are enough reasons to change lifestyles and socio-economic systems. Ecolism concept; helps in creating peace, ending poverty, enhancing people’s welfare, equality and freedom. It helps to elevate humanity to a higher dimension of existence.


Henri Maalouf

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Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.
Henri Maalouf is the author of Eco-Lifestyle Eco-Social and Economic Ecosystem Eco-Home Eco-city Eco-Principles Eco-Human Rights.