Solar Satellite

Solar satellite

Solar Satellite Ecolism

Eco-Electricity from above the clouds.

Clouds can be a problem for solar energy, reducing the sunlight and the night hides the sunlight away, but what if we placed a terrestrial solar-energy satellite equivalent to the size of the International Space Station (ISS) above the clouds or built solar stations on the moon?

Then we can produce electricity from renewable sources 24 hours a day, which is freed from changing weather conditions and we can abolish the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants for good.

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has tested two prototypes of what it calls a ‘sandwich’ module. One side receives solar energy into PV panels and the electronic circuitry in the middle converts the electric current produced from the PV cells to a microwave frequency.

The other side of the sandwich’s antenna beams a 2.45 GHz microwave frequency to a particular receiver station only, which asks for it from a specific location on the ground.

So far, the terrestrial solar-energy satellite is the cheapest source of energy and has enormous potential for the future. If the electricity companies invest in this future technology instead of nuclear power plants, then they will make even more money out of it and become Eco-friendly.

One solar satellite station can give electricity to one million houses for 24 hours a day and costs $1 billion; it is much cheaper than any nuclear power plant or fossil fuels and much safer for the environment. The Shimizu Corporation in Japan announced plans to build a solar strip across 11,000 miles of the moon and to transfer energy through microwaves and laser light to the earth. The future is bright for energy from the sun and there is no need for non- renewable, polluting energy sources.

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