Ecolism 1

Utopian Eco-Socio-Economic Systems Summary If we cannot make our socio-economic system fair for everyone, why don’t we create a new, fairer one? Henri Maalouf In this abstract, I outline the main benefits of the Eco-socio- economic system for people living an Eco-lifestyle in Eco-cities. The aim of this concept is to eliminate poverty and encourage governments to invest in people for a better return on investment. Each family owning an Eco-home and a decent living standard from the cradle to the grave must become compulsory human rights. Imagine living in an Eco-home where you can farm the small area of…

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Ecolism 2

Eco-Cities If a city is full of sins and hard to purify, recycle it into a newly purified one. Henri Maalouf This summary is for those who do not have the time to read the detail of this book and want to know about the concept in brief. The concept is to create one million Eco-homes in a self-sufficient and sustainable Eco-city, with surrounding Eco-industries and businesses. The aim is to employ all the unemployed, retired and anyone who can work for at least a few hours a day or a week. By doing so, governments can reduce the welfare…

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